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Konami Is Developing a VR ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ Game

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It's Time To D-d-d-d-d-duel!!!

A lifelong dream of many Yu-Gi-Oh players around the world may be realized soon, a virtual reality where duel monsters come to life!

Kaibacorp Approved

Konami will continue its efforts to bring Yu-Gi-Oh to the world of VR. During the game’s 25th anniversary, fans flocked to the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. Konami even showcased something that was, until this point, a dream of Yu-Gi-Oh fans. Konami showed off Yu-Gi-Oh in a VR game format. Fans finally could emulate the technology showcased in the original anime.

Currently, the experience does not offer the full KaibaCorp experience but instead combines VR with the Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links mobile and PC game, which offers a simplified version of the card game. Either way, fans got to enter a virtual arena and battle with the likes of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, just like Kaiba intended. The debut got a wild craze from fans because of the leap in technology to now play the game just like their favorite Yu-Gi-Oh characters from the manga and anime.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! VR Demo | Image: Konami

VR Experience Like Duelist Kingdom?

Konami announced later it “will continue to develop Yu-Gi-Oh games with VR and various other technologies.” Of course, fans should expect the game to be ready immediately. Also, there is no information on whether or not fans should expect the full VR game on devices like the PlayStation VR2 or Meta Quest 3, but it clearly looks promising for the Yu-Gi-Oh brand.

Other reports spoke to Duel Links producer Akitsu Terashima, who said: “It’d be nice to have [the VR experience] as a frontier project because the manga and anime already have scenes that somewhat simulate [what goes beyond] the physical.” The famous scenes include Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba standing over a field that brought cards to life as they battled each other.

Konami has a game that could take the slot for VR compatibility called Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel. The game is an extensive simulation of the real-life card game and is available on almost every gaming platform, including PlayStation 5, Xbox, PC, and mobile. Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh should keep an eye on Konami’s official website and social media pages for future details on the project.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! VR Demo | Image: Konami

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