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An ‘Evil Dead’ Spinoff Film Is In The Works

Sébastien Vaniček at the release of "Vermines" image copyrighted MATTEU MAESTRACCI/ FRANCEINFO/ RADIO FRANCE

Sam Raimi Hires Sébastien Vaniček for New "Evil Dead"

Sam Raimi’s vision of dismembered limbs and chainsaws for hands is still alive and fans of The Evil Dead can be happy to hear that a new spin-off film is currently in the works. 

Evil Dead Spin-Off? 

That’s right, a new Evil Dead spin-off film is finally in the works. Director Sébastien Vaniček will be heading up the project as director and co-writer. According to other reports, Valiček, who made his feature debut with the anxiety-inducing French horror film Infested (aka Vermines) last year, has been hired to head the next chapter in Evil Dead. Deadline reported that Vaniček was hired by Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert’s Ghost House Pictures shortly after signing with the Creative Artist Agency (CAA).

“Details as to the film’s plot are under wraps”. However, fans can still be excited that the new installment of Evil Dead is coming after last year’s standalone sequel. The previous film was popular with critics and loved by its fans. This popularity showed in the numbers because the film made $147 million at the worldwide box office.

Lily Sullivan in Evil Dead Rise (2023) image belongs to © Warner Bros

Evil Dead Spans Over 30 Years

For those unfamiliar, Evil Dead began with Raimi’s The Evil Dead back in 1981. The film starred Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, a role he has since returned to. The 1981 film created a dedicated fan base, two sequel films Evil Dead II (1987) and Evil Dead Rise (2023), and a spin-off series on Starz titled Ash vs. Evil Dead which lasted three seasons. The show also received a video game adaptation titled Evil Dead: The Game

A soft reboot was released with Evil Dead (2013), seeing a group of college-age friends escaping to a cabin in the woods to help their loved one recover from a drug addiction. They discover a book bound in human flesh and (of course) recite the incantations written in blood on the pages. One by one, they are taken by the spirits of the book. It’s bloody, it’s fun, it’s Evil Dead.

Fans will have to wait and see how Valiček’s upcoming entry fits into the timeline of the worldwide phenomenon. If his new Evil Dead looks anything like Valiček’s debut film, fans can expect some fun nightmares headed their way.

The latest film, Evil Dead Rise is streaming on MAX.  

Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness (1992) Photo by Dino De Laurentiis Company - © 1992

Evil Dead Rise Official StudioCanalUK Redband Trailer

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