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James Cameron Reveals He Has Plans For ‘Avatar 6’ and ‘7’

The Pandora Saga Grows in Scale

James Cameron has revealed that he has plans to take the Avatar saga beyond the pentology he has planned. He revealed he has plans for a sixth and seventh entry, though he likely won’t direct them if they are made.

The “Avatar” Pentology Might Become a Septology 

As reported in an article from People at the 51st Saturn Awards ceremony, James Cameron gave a potentially massive update on the Avatar saga. Cameron said that he has plans for a possible sixth and seventh film after the currently planned saga concludes. At the time of his statement, he had three more sequels planned for Avatar. Despite this, Cameron said that if they ever make it to six and seven, Cameron will “hand the baton” to another director. Given the scale of this undertaking, this is understandable. Whether these plans will come to fruition won’t be revealed for a long time.

Image courtesy of Cnet. Sam Worthington as Jake Sully and Zoe Saldana as Neytiri in ‘Avatar.’

Could “Avatar” Make It To Seven Films? 

Given how far away these films would be, it isn’t easy to tell. According to Cameron, they’ve finished writing for all five films. Beyond that, each of the upcoming films is a long time away. The next three are set to be released in 2025, 2029, and 2031. Because of this, it would be quite some time before we consider where else to explore Pandora. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other series have shown us the power of a saga, the length between releases for the Avatar saga could prove detrimental to its long-term viability.

What Is The State Of The “Avatar” Franchise?

Cameron, Fox, and Disney have all made it clear that Avatar would be their next box-office franchise. Infamously, the first Avatar became the highest-grossing film of all time, only to be quickly forgotten. While the Disneyworld attraction was a smash hit, it would be 14 years after the first film was released that audiences would see the story continue. While The Way of Water had similarly groundbreaking VFX and box office numbers, its story and worldbuilding left much to be desired from fans. Lastly, the recent Ubisoft game Frontiers of Pandora received similarly lukewarm reviews. 

Viewers can find both Avatar films on Disney Plus.

Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios. From left to right: Sam Worthington as Jake Scully, Cliff Curtis as Tonowari, and Kate Winslet as Ronal.

Avatar The Way of Water (2022) Official 20th Century Studios Trailer

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