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Funimation’s Digital Copies Won’t Be Moved to Crunchyroll After Merger

Buying Doesn’t Always Mean Owning

It seems as though anime fans can’t catch a break. First came the news of Jujutsu Kaisen‘s possible cancellation in the middle of its second season. Now anime fans are worried that once again, they’re getting the short end of the stick as it has been announced that digital copies obtained will not transfer over with the Crunchyroll/Funimation merger. 

No More Fun

This news will likely come as a shock for anyone who wasn’t aware of the merger between the streaming services or just forgot about it as it was announced two years ago. The merger is set to be finalized on April 2, 2024. The merger itself, however, isn’t the biggest upset. So many anime fans are up in arms and ready to revolt because of the news that digital copies obtained through Funimation will not transfer along with the merger. Up until the merger, it was common for Funimation to sell Blu-rays of anime, which would often come with digital copies of the anime. Some people would even intentionally buy Blu-rays from Funimation for said copies. This, along with the fact that Crunchyroll recently announced its subscription price jump, makes anime fans upset. The yearly subscription price will go from $54.95 to $99.99. As numerous sites such as The Nerdist report, this price change is expected to occur by January 28, 2025.

A Bigger Problem

All the fuss surrounding this issue is only one small part of a bigger discussion surrounding streaming services as a whole. With streaming services having all but officially killed cable and physical copies less popular, there has been an ongoing discussion regarding ownership. While physical copies are still readily available for anyone to buy, this method comes with its own risks. No matter how well taken care of, physical copies will eventually begin to fade. The problem with streaming is that subscribers can never truly own what they’re paying for. Furthermore, some shows can disappear from one’s favorite platform due to things like license agreements. Some people commit to a subscription service just because of a select few shows, and several customers prefer having digital copies because they could avoid subscribing to Funimation’s premium service. Now, they face having to subscribe to a service they never wanted in the first place. 

An Uncertain Future

Crunchyroll is close to becoming a monopoly, and fans are wary of this fact. Crunchyroll and Funimation were two of the biggest anime platforms on the internet; however, with the upcoming merger, Crunchyroll seems to be slowly taking the anime world by storm. While other platforms like Netflix and Hulu have their own impressive selection of anime, Crunchyroll’s expansive list of animes is hard to compete with. What makes this especially scary for customers is that the streaming service can now get away with placing any price hike or policy change, with most people having no choice but to adhere to whatever changes are implemented. At one point, streaming was considered the future of entertainment and media, but now? Fans are worried the future may be grim.

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