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A New Generation Of Tornado Hunters In ‘Twisters’ Trailer

Twisters Trailer Picture

The First Trailer For The Classic’s Sequel Introduces A Terrifying Pair Of Tornadoes

Of all the advertisements showcased by this year’s Super Bowl, one of the most notable ones was the Twisters trailer. The trailer entails a disaster that’s going to result in double the damage.

“Twisters” at the SuperBowl

Super Bowl LVIII was the most viewed game of all time, holding a record number of 123.7 million viewers. The Super Bowl is known not only for the NFL championship or the halftime show but also for its coveted ad spots. These are usually used as advertisements for businesses and products starring big-name celebrities. Additionally, movie trailers are dropped for the first time, giving audiences a first look at highly-anticipated movies. Given that the Super Bowl is one of the most viewed events of the year, it makes sense for movie studios to take advantage of that and get the exposure they need for their upcoming movies. 

Double the Twister Trouble!

The first trailer for the movie didn’t reveal too much about the plot. However, it’s clear that the energy of Twister (1996), the original disaster classic, is embodied in its sequel. The ‘90s classic is centered around two scientists Bill and Jo Harding (played by Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt respectively) as they risk their lives trying to test a prototype for a game-changing tornado data-gathering machine with their team. On the other hand, Twisters is seemingly more elevated. This is due to the cyclones leaving more carnage in their wake. Despite this, the storm chasers in this movie seem to take that challenge head-on.

Twisters Trailer Picture
Daisy Edgar-Jones as Kate Cooper, Anthony Ramos as Javi, Glen Powell as Tyler Owens | Picture via Universal Pictures

A New Generation of Storm Chasers

Glen Powell (Top Gun: Maverick, Anyone But You) and Daisy Edgar-Jones (Normal People, Fresh) play Tyler Owens and Kate Cooper. Furthermore, they both star as the film’s leads. They seem to embody the same dynamic in its predecessor film with Paxton and Hunt. However, it’s unclear if Powell and Edgar-Jones will play love interests. Thus, leaving more room to speculate what the film will entail. Moreover, it leaves viewers more curious until the next trailer drops. 

Anthony Ramos (In The Heights, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts), Kieran Shipka (Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, Mad Men), David Corenswet (The Politician, Pearl), and Brandon Perea (Nope, The OA) join Powell and Edgar-Jones in supporting roles. 

Twisters will be released exclusively in theaters this summer on July 19.

Twisters Trailer Picture
Helen Hunt as Dr. Jo Harding, Bill Paxton as Bill Harding | Picture via Universal Pictures

Twisters (2024) Offical Trailer Courtesy of Universal Pictures

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