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“The Devil’s Bath” To Come To Shudder

Anja Plaschg in Des Teufels Bad (2024) "The Devil's Bath" Copyright Belongs to Shudder/Berlin Film Fest

From Bath to Body Works

Acquiring the distribution rights before its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. Shudder is bringing foreign horror to its streaming platform with the German film The Devil’s Bath. 

Before Showers Were Invented

The German horror flick is set in Austria in the 1750s, a unique setting for any film. Viewers follow Anja Plashg (The Dreamed Ones) who plays Agnes, a newlywed woman that quickly becomes disillusioned with the life of a wife. Feeling trapped, her thoughts grow darker as she ponders twisted ways of escaping. The setting couldn’t be more perfect as it will take place in a village lost in an endless sea of trees. The overarching subject matter of the film (depression, religion, loneliness, etc) should go hand in hand with the setting. With such a cool setting and premise, it’s understandable why Shudder would be so quick to buy the film before any other major streaming services.

Anja Plaschg in Des Teufels Bad (2024) "The Devil's Bath" Copyright Belongs to Shudder/Berlin Film Fest

The Devil Uses Bath Bombs

The filmmakers behind The Devil’s Bath, Veronika Franz, and Severin Fiala, are no strangers to horror. The pair has produced other horror films such as The Lounge and Goodnight Mommy. They’ve covered similarly dark topics in these films like depression, loneliness, and suicide. The two directors also seem to be fans of twist endings as they rarely go in the direction the audience is expecting. For some, this may be a selling point, to others a reason to cancel their subscription to Shudder. Regardless, it’s still odd whenever a streaming platform commits to purchasing and adding a third-party film before it’s even seen a worldwide release. It’s not the same as creating an original film or getting exclusive streaming rights of a popular film. That’s not to mention that the directors of this film have had mixed reactions to their past films so this is a risk.

The Devil’s Bath is set for release in the Berlin Film Fest this February 20, 2024, and then theatrical release on March 8. The film is expected to join Shudder’s catalog this Summer.

Des Teufels Bad (2024) "The Devil's Bath" Copyright Belongs to Shudder/Berlin Film Fest

The Devil’s Bath Official Cine Maldito Trailer

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