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The Important Life Lessons of ‘Frogger’: Revisiting the Classic Game

The Important Life Lessons of ‘Frogger’: Revisiting the Classic Game

Why Did the Frog Cross the Road?

Frogger‘s premise is simple — just cross the road through oncoming traffic in order to level up. There’s no need to weigh the moral implications of killing countless beings — even when they were technically bloodthirsty zombies, as seen in the mega popular game The Last of Us. Instead, in the amphibian-helmed world of Frogger, valuable life lessons are artfully hidden inside its minimalist, family-friendly package.

Reciprocal Generosity: Helping a Friend Helps Oneself 

The lily pad jumper’s turf encourages one to execute kind gestures or good deeds. For example, if a gamer picks up a purple frog along the way and transports it to the end of the track, they get 200 points. This relates to the real-life concept of making the effort to give a coworker or a friend a ride, even if it means taking extra time out of one’s day. That’s because when people display benevolent actions, they feel better about themselves in return — demonstrating the power of reciprocal generosity.

*However, please note that generosity should have some boundaries; being generous towards hitchhikers or strangers could prove lethal, or at the very least, it could end in some unwanted bloodshed.

Crossing the Street When No Crosswalk is Available

The heroic hopper teaches how to cross the road in unfortunate instances, such as when a traffic light isn’t firing properly, a pedestrian sign doesn’t light up — no matter how many times one pushes that button — or perhaps, there’s no crosswalk available. This metaphorical lesson is akin to moments in life when personal motivations, such as love, can influence approaches to challenges. 

Take, for instance, Andrew Garfield’s titular character in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), fixated solely on navigating towards his lady love — cars and oncoming traffic cannot deter him from beelining for her. 

Regardless of whether one is a romantic Spiderman or a frog, the underlying message is clear: it’s important to learn how to navigate the crosswalk of life, which Frogger’s guidance has imparted.

Taking a Leap of Faith

Another universal principle to glean from the iconic video game is the value of taking risks. In the cinema world, it’s deftly illustrated in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989). In the action-adventure film, Harrison Ford’s character needs to cross over a terrifying cliff, but he only sees the dark depths below with no path across. Ultimately, though, he’s keenly aware that time is running out to complete his quest, so he decides to trust his map, and therefore himself, and step across the abyss anyway.

This relates to Frogger because each level is timed, emphasizing the need for quick decision-making and the ability to act swiftly. For humans, that mission could be something like chasing an ambitious dream, declaring one’s undying affection for another, etc.

Overall, the takeaway from Frogger is clear: hesitancy stops one from achieving their potential, so it’s best to take a calculated risk or two.

The Important Life Lessons of ‘Frogger’: Revisiting the Classic Game
‘Frogger’ | Image Credit: IMDb

Seeing the Forest Instead of the Trees i.e. Seeing the Pond Instead of the Lily Pad

Focusing on the forest instead of the trees is another important life lesson from the game. One must anticipate all things to come instead of getting bogged down in the details. In the classic video game, if one only stares at the lane in front of them, they’ll miss pertinent details that could prevent them from their objective. In Frogger, the objective is simply to cross the road, but in life, there are always smaller obstacles in the way that could prevent one from reaching their long-term goals. 

Celebrate the Small Wins

Focusing on small steps is key to achieving bigger goals. Whether it’s one hop in Frogger or adopting keystone habits, such as those highlighted in Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit, success comes from smaller changes that result in positive effects. In Frogger, conquering a single level is a testament to progress. It symbolizes not only mastery but also instills a sense of hope that, with continued practice, one can overcome subsequent levels. 

As one takes on life’s challenges, incremental victories can become a source of motivation, carving out a path toward greater achievements and, therefore, personal growth. 

Simple is Best

In the world of video games, Frogger stands out and has maintained its charm since its 1981 debut. Despite numerous reboots and sequels, the game’s allure lies in a formula as straightforward as the perfect pizza. It serves as a nostalgic escape, being reminiscent of arcade classics like Tetris. In a landscape filled with complex role-playing games demanding insider knowledge and exhaustive research, Frogger‘s minimalism is a welcome departure. Just as a classic cheese pizza needs no extravagant toppings to shine, Frogger proves that sometimes, in the world of gaming, simple is truly best.

As one navigates the intricate levels of life, let Frogger‘s straightforward approach be a guiding principle, as a reminder that the path to enduring success can often be as simple as crossing a road.

The Important Life Lessons of ‘Frogger’: Revisiting the Classic Game
‘Frogger’ | Image Credit: IMDb

Frogger Playthrough (1981 Konami)

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