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Adam Sandler Opens Up About His New Role In ‘Spaceman’

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The 'Grown Ups' star gets candid on his return to more dramatic roles.

Many people know Adam Sandler as an icon in the comedy space, but recently, the actor has been diving back into more series roles, like his latest role in the new Netflix film Spaceman. Sandler spoke about the new project at the film’s Los Angeles premiere, saying how director Johan Renck “kept saying, ‘I want to see none of Adam Sandler in there,” the star joked, “I understood, I hear that in my house too: ‘I want to see none of Adam Sandler.”

Sandler’s Return to Drama

Sandler explained how Renck wanted to see the dramatic actor, not the playful comedian on his set. He said he had to strip away his signature comedic style for the role. Something that is second nature to him at this point. Sandler continued to state, “I did my best. He didn’t want me sounding like me, he didn’t want me making faces. It was a difficult process.” Viewers can expect to see a different side of Sandler when watching the film.

Spaceman follows an astronaut, played by Sandler, who is sent to the edge of the solar system for a long mission while his life at home falls apart. Sandler is joined by Carey Mulligan, who plays his pregnant wife, Lenka. With troubles at home and a lonely mission to deal with, Sandler’s character finds an unexpected friendship and emotional awakening with a giant extraterrestrial spider voiced by Paul Dano. 

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Adam Sandler and Carey Mulligan attend the premiere of Netflix's "Spaceman" | Image : ECKENROTH/WIREIMAGE

The Beauty of Comedians Being Dramatic Actors

Renck cast Sandler after a general meeting between the two; when he told Sandler about the film, the star was immediately on board. Sandler said, “That’s a film about me, I have to do this film.”

Renck explained why he went with Sandler and his affection for comedians in serious roles. “I really like comedians in series roles because I do think that there’s something about the fearless aspect to be a comedian that I can capitalize on. A lot of times when you’re a director, you’re dealing with actors who you’re talking about how you want to do a scene, and they’re like, ‘Yeah I don’t know about that,” Renck continues, “With comedians, because they live life onstage making fools out of themselves in front of people. They’re like, ‘I’m not afraid of anything.’ So, Adam from the onset was like, ‘Do whatever you want, however, you want to do this,’ and that’s really liberating for me as a filmmaker.”

This idea is something many fans might share. The film industry certainly agrees because Sandler has become more of a dramatic actor as of late. His other film, Uncut Gems, was a hit with critics and fans worldwide. The new film Spaceman will be launching on Netflix on March 1. 

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Adam Sandler as Jakub in 'Spaceman' | Image: Netflix

‘Spaceman’ (2024) Netflix Official Trailer

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