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‘One Love’ Dominates the Box Office

Let Your Soul Be Satisfied

Musician biopics are right up there with war dramas in terms of box-office popularity. So it should be of no surprise that the Bob Marley biopic One Love is still going strong after its Valentine’s Day release. 

The Iconic Symbol of Peace and Love

Over six days after its Valentine’s Day release, One Love managed to rake in over $51 million. This puts the Bob Marley biopic second to Straight Outta Compton, the biopic centered around N.W.A. This is especially impressive, considering how many films bombed during the new year. The only other competition until now has been the likes of Sony’s Madame Webb and Demon Slayer: Kaimetsu No Yaiba- to the Hashira Training. Part of the reason behind the slump in ticket sales, as The Hollywood Reporter states, is due to the aftereffects of the strike last year.

Image via Paramount Pictures

The Biopic Success

Regardless of whether One Love owes its success to the aftermath of the strike, it’s undeniable proof of Bob Marley’s legacy. Many years after his passing, people are still interested in learning more about the legendary peace icon. Whenever a biopic is announced for a historical figure, especially a musician, there is a question about how relevant the biopic will end up being. Sometimes, it feels like Hollywood executives purposely wait a few decades after a musician’s death before they entertain the idea of making a film around said figure, revitalizing their legacy into a box office success. This isn’t to mention the ethics behind releasing a movie about someone not even around to fact-check what’s being put out. Blonde, for example, was a Marilyn Monroe biopic that saw backlash for narrative choices that were never proven to have occurred in Monroe’s actual life. For figures like Marley, who had positive messages to spread, sharing their stories seems easy to justify.

One Love is now available in theaters.

This image released by Paramount Pictures shows Kingsley Ben-Adir in “Bob Marley: One Love.” (Chiabella James/Paramount Pictures via AP)

Bob Marley: One Love (2024) Official Paramount Pictures Trailer 

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