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Home > Swimsuit Models Caught In Home Invasion In Trailer For ‘Model House’

Swimsuit Models Caught In Home Invasion In Trailer For ‘Model House’

Swimsuit Models Caught In Home Invasion In Trailer For ‘Model House’

Fun-Filled Ride of Vapidity

Model House conjures images of architectural replicas made of materials like wood, cardboard, and plastic. However, Derek Pike’s Model House is not a small-scale dwelling; it’s a secluded house with beautiful women inside.

Plastic, though, abounds inside distributor Shout! Studios’ Model House, as models are arguably chock full of that. Unfortunately for them, being scantily clad is not the best suit of armor against formidable assailants.

A traditional “model house” in bustling cities, maintained by modeling agencies, serves as accommodation for models between engagements like casting calls and photoshoots. According to BloodyDisgusting, in lieu of a jam-packed metropolitan apartment, Pike’s Model House setting is reminiscent of the horror-favorite: the cabin in the woods trope. At an isolated domicile one hundred miles north of Los Angeles, five women await their high-end luxury swimwear campaign shoot.

A Lesson in Avoiding Social Media

The models are what the Gen Zers would deem “thirsty.” For example, upon the catwalk queens’ arrival at their new shelter, they upload incessantly on social media, including their whereabouts—violating their privacy in the quest for external validation.

Swimsuit Models Caught In Home Invasion In Trailer For ‘Model House’
‘Model House’ | Image Credit: IMDb, Shout! Studios

Ultimately, this backfires when two creeps learn of the runway walkers’ locales, break into their house, and hold them at gunpoint. Shortly thereafter, the trespassers make the women post a fake donation link to their social media pages, demanding $1 million from their loyal followers—undoubtedly, the most thirsty type of Go-Fund-Me.

As the story progresses, though, it’s not just all vapidity and complicity, as the women begin to forcefully fight back against the intruders.


According to an exclusive with BloodyDisgusting, Shout! Studios is shouting their excitement from the rooftops for this bloody fun horror with the following statement:

“This highly anticipated edge-of-your-seat thriller is written and directed by filmmaker Derek Pike, who has directed over 100 music videos for popular artists, including Wiz Khalifa, Aloe Blacc, XXXTentacion, and other notables. The film is produced by Randy Wayne and Talia Bella of Rebellium Films and Collin Avery.”

An Educational Movie

For all the kids out there who want to share every detail of their lives with the world, parents can force them to watch this movie that is deceptively educational. Because, overall, this spicy thriller provides a stark lesson in not posting everything on social media, as one never knows when a murderer may be taking note for their next kill.

The film stars the following: Scout Taylor-Compton, Chris Zylka, Cory Anne Roberts, Kyra Santoro, Hailee Lautenbach, Phillip Andrew Botello, Priscilla Huggins Ortiz, and Natalie Nootenboom.

Check it out in theaters and digital on April 5th.

Swimsuit Models Caught In Home Invasion In Trailer For ‘Model House’
‘Model House’ | Image Credit: Derek Pike’s Instagram

Model House (2024) Official Shout! Studios Trailer

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