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Cholo Zombies: Monstro (2023): A Review

A review of the 2023 horror comedy “Cholo Zombies: Monstro.”

A Wild Ride of Undead Love and Laughter

Entertainment comes in various forms, and there is something for everyone. Even niche movies find a fan base. Such films include categories such as Mockbusters, Lovecraftian, Cyberpunk, and Mumblecore. The list could extend to include films that encompass pure satire, farce, parodies, and other such works that take an exaggerated stab at what more traditional mediums or genres have done. Such is nothing new. Creatives live to satisfy tastes that are as eclectic as the people who comprise the societal melting pot. However, for whatever reason, such fare receives little promotion. One could reason perhaps it’s because of prescribed standards by which classical films adhere. These creative projects seem to roll off the tracks, in no way meeting the standard for what is deemed as great story development. And for others, exaggeration for the sake of exaggeration, is simply not their cup of tea. Many see no value in promoting that to which mainstream does not flock. But for those who thirst for something a little idiosyncratic, unusual, or out of the box, the 2023 release Cholo Zombies: Monstro could be the flick for you.

Love For The Undead

Monstro is a farcical zombie flick with wildly exaggerated overtones. It’s the story of a family of Latino zombies. It starts with the strength of a woman’s love. A zombified woman by the name of Vampz, who dearly loves her dead mate, brings him back to life using machinery straight out of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. The premise then follows the couple as they navigate the challenges of partnership and parenthood after reuniting in a world where the law disparages, marginalizes, and hunts them. The undead are the undesirables in this world, where they live alongside the living. Sadly, such stands as a reflection on current society, an established communal aggregate that tends to stigmatize the divergent. The humans have had enough and are cracking down. This sets the stage for Monstro’s challenging uphill battle to be a protector and provider.

A review of the 2023 horror comedy “Cholo Zombies: Monstro.”
Loretta Vampz stars as Vampz in “Cholo Zombies: Monstro.” Image courtesy of Movie Magic Entertainment.

Monstro’s Trials: The Perils of Zombiehood

Monstro is the principal focus of the film. He is the protagonist with the goal of protecting and keeping his family together at all costs. But he has a lot of maturing to do, especially given their new addition, Monstra. The odds are not in his favor. However, it is not until the conduction of a series of senseless mistakes that the action kicks into full throttle. After being jailed, Vampz has had enough and has every intention of moving on. But Monstro is not having it. And the rest of the film is a wild ride to the finish.

A Wild Ride of Stereotypes and Satire

The movie Cholo Zombies: Monstro is teeming with stereotypes. The film takes a cliched and funny approach to exploring family dynamics, with a particular emphasis on certain aspects of the Latino community. It is presented with an exaggerated perspective that could potentially repel certain individuals. But this is purposeful for this film. So, it is logical that believability is out the window. The creative team’s accomplishment in this area earned them recognition at the Hollywood Global Film Festival, which is commendable.

So, if the decision is made to sit for a viewing, be prepared for the most outrageous interactions, reactions, and responses. As noted, it’s a fest of horror, comedy, pseudo-romance, and explosions. Thus, to reiterate, if exaggerated looks at real-life situations are not for you, then this isn’t a choice film. But if you are looking for a hearty laugh, some trolling, and material for hilarious conversation, this film is right up your alley.

Final Rating 

Cholo Zombies: Monstro is directed by Erick Rafael Ibarra and Mark Newton. It stars Vince Monstro (Monstro) and Loretta Vampz (Vampz). This film is the second film in a trilogy with Chola Zombies, yet to come. Both Cholo Zombies (2024) and Cholo Zombies: Monstro are currently available on Prime, Tubi, or Chicano Hollywood TV. It’s rated L for ludicrous, but it’s up to you to be the judge. 

A review of the 2023 horror comedy “Cholo Zombies: Monstro.” Vince Romo, Loretta Vampz, and Lillith Vampz star in "Cholo Zombies: Monstro."
Vince Romo, Loretta Vampz, and Lillith Vampz star in “Cholo Zombies: Monstro.” Image courtesy of Movie Magic Entertainment.

Cholo Zombies: Monstro (2023) Official Cholo Zombies: Monstro Trailer

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