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Shudder’s Trailer for ‘Infested’ Debuts

Shudder’s Trailer for ‘Infested’ Debuts

A Nightmare of Eight-Legged Proportions

“Infestation,” a term for those unstoppably irksome pests that have taken over, never has a positive connotation. Moreover, no one says the party is “infested with fun.” Guests, on the other hand, especially the ones that overstay their welcome and drink the entire bar, could be classified as such.

But the worst infestation by far is the “spiders usurping an apartment building and killing people” type found in Shudder’s horror flick, Infested.

A French Spider Flick

As Deadline reports, the latest installment in the Evil Dead franchise was formerly known as “Vermines” in French. Back in 2023, it debuted at the Venice Film Festival and subsequently made the rounds at notable festivals, including Fantasy Filmfest, Splat!, Slash, Sitges, and L’Étrange.

Helmed by director Sébastien Vanícek (Crocs, Mayday) and penned alongside Florent Bernard, it stars Théo Christine (Suprêmes), Finnegan Oldfield (Final Cut), Jérôme Niel (Smoking Causes Coughing), Sofia Lesaffre (Les Misérables), and Lisa Nyarko.

What Happens in the Film?

Bloody Disgusting reports that the film features a French apartment building that’s overrun with venomous spiders that are reproducing faster than, well, spiders — since they reproduce pretty quickly. No need for that delightful 9-month gestation period humans are fortunate to get!

Moreover, Kaleb, a soon-to-be 30-year-old who’s lost his best friend and is simultaneously hashing it out with his sister over an inheritance, takes up a poisonous spider as a pet for a little company. Soon thereafter, the spider escapes the confines of his apartment and produces lots of offspring, which makes the other building tenants quite unhappy, probably violating the one cat per apartment agreement. Now, everybody’s got to figure out how to survive the terrifying, infested space.

Shudder’s Trailer for ‘Infested’ Debuts
‘Infested’ | Image Credit: IMDb, Shudder

Eight-Legged Naturals

With the 2023 SAG-AFTRA discussion of employing actors over CGI likeness, it should be refreshing to hear when real-life beings are being used. However, this doesn’t apply to spiders, as those creatures are just plain scary. But yes, forget one’s mother’s CGI spiders of yesteryear; this film uses fresh eight-legged naturals.

According to Trace Thurman, Bloody Disgusting’s reviewer at Fantastic Fest, he felt the choice to use alive arachnids interwoven with CGI ones garnered the film a four-star rating and resulted in “one of the best spider attack movies in years.”

Symbol of Creation

With sometimes fake-looking CGI that takes away the scare factor, it’s way more disturbing when one realizes a spider was actually crawling on a live person, even if they are just a vapid actor.

Finally, in mythology, spiders are sometimes viewed as symbols of creation, and in this new project, Shudder did make a creation — a creation of a whole lot of chaos.

Check out the trailer below and gear up for the spider-infested release on April 26th.

Shudder’s Trailer for ‘Infested’ Debuts
‘Infested’ | Image Credit: Rotten Tomatoes, Shudder

Infested (2024) Official Shudder Trailer

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