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‘Twilight’ To Receive Animated Adaptation

‘Twilight’ To Receive Animated Adaptation

Animated Vampires Covered in Glitter

The big three of young adult fiction: Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games. Up until now, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games were the only ones receiving love. Now, however, fans of vampires covered in glitter can rejoice knowing that the series will be receiving an animated adaptation.

A Bright Future

For a while now, there has been talk of Twilight receiving a TV adaptation. Up until now, however, it had been assumed that said adaptation would be live-action. As IGN reports, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality, the adaptation will be in animated form. Lionsgate vice chairman, Michael Burns, confirmed that no live-action adaptation is in the works. Instead, an animated version is thought to hold more interest. News of a possible adaptation go back as far as April 2023; however, it was naturally assumed that the series would be live-action. After all, who wants to see an animated teen vampire smolder at the camera? Michael Burns seems to think there’s an audience.

‘Twilight’ To Receive Animated Adaptation
L-R Robert Patterson (Edward) Kristen Stewart (Bella) Image via Summit Entertainment

Nostalgia Is A Hell Of A Drug

First came the Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds. Then came news of a Harry Potter TV series set for 2026 helmed by Max. Now comes the news of an animated adaptation of Twilight. Up until now, Twilight had been the only dormant member of the YA (“young adult”) trio. Harry Potter alone has had a number of adaptations, including plays and a recent video game set in the universe. Twilight on the other hand, has seen no real love until very recently, with it seemingly once again gaining traction. Considering the reputation it once had, it’s no surprise that it took so long for interest in the series to reignite. Since the series essentially boils down to a centuries-old vampire stalking a teenage girl, it’s no wonder that some people would rather have forgotten about the trilogy. Depending on what studio ends up picking the project up, this adaptation has some real potential.

‘Twilight’ To Receive Animated Adaptation
Kristen Stewart as Bella Image via Summit Entertainment

Twilight (2008) Official Trailer

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