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Unleashing Horror in Meta: “The Faceless Lady” (2024): A Review

Race to see the premiere of the upcoming Meta experience “The Faceless Lady!”

First Scripted VR Episodic Series in Collaboration with Eli Roth and Crypt TV

Meta has joined forces with Eli Roth, Crypt TV, and ShinAwiL to offer horror enthusiasts a unique and thrilling experience. Renowned for his work in television and film, Eli Roth has made a name for himself with macabre creations such as Cabin Fever, Hostel, Green Inferno, and the latest addition, Thanksgiving. In 2022, Roth ventured into the Meta World, unveiling his first haunted Virtual Reality experience, “Eli Roth’s Haunted House: Trick VR Treat.” Recently, news dropped off the upcoming release of the first episodic VR horror series to premiere on Meta. It promises a groundbreaking and exhilarating venture for fans of horror.

“The Faceless Lady:” Lurking in Legend 

“The Faceless Lady,” the upcoming innovative feature, draws inspiration from the historical figure Lady Margaret Hodnett, a character deeply rooted in folklore. For those who love horror history, it is inspired by the real-life folklore character Lady Margaret Hodnett. Legend has it that Lady Margaret Hodnett haunts Belvelly Castle in Ireland. Her claim to terror is stalking unexpecting victims through reflective surfaces. 

In The Treacherous Path of “The Faceless Lady”

The narrative unfolds in Ireland, the birthplace of this chilling folktale. The storyline revolves around three couples drawn to an enticing invitation to a medieval castle.

Race to see the premiere of the upcoming Meta experience “The Faceless Lady!”
Image courtesy of Crypt TV.

However, there are only two potential paths: “They win her games or lose their lives.” Amidst the suspense, the question looms: Will anyone survive the ordeal?

Star Aligned: Cast Unveiled

The ensemble cast for this exciting venture boasts several well-known industry talents. The cast includes Ugo Onwughalu, Sophie Rebecca-Jones, and Ned Dennehy from Peaky Blinders. Mei Henri from Hijack. Daisy Jelley from How to Date Billy Walsh, as well as Staz Nair from Rebel Moon, join the cast. Notably, Tara Lee, who is acclaimed for her performance in the intense, joins the cast. 

Mark Your Calendars for Next Generation Horror

For those eager to embark on a terrifying new adventure in uncharted territory, mark your calendars. The premiere of “The Faceless Lady” Episodes 1 and 2 is set for Thursday, April 4, at 5:00 pm Pacific Time. Following this spine-chilling debut, viewers can anticipate a weekly dose of horror every Thursday thereafter. If you’re keen to reserve your spot for this groundbreaking experience presented on Meta by a team of seasoned professionals, including Jack Davis and Darren Brandl, RSVP now.

So prepare yourself for the ultimate scare.

Race to see the premiere of the upcoming Meta experience “The Faceless Lady!”
Image courtesy of Crypt TV.

The Faceless Lady (2024) Official Crypt TV Trailer

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