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‘Spider-Man: The Great Web’ Trailer Leaks

Spider-Man: The Great Web Title Logo Copyright belongs to Marvel and Insomniac

Marvel’s Canceled Spider-Man Multiplayer Project

Some things just aren’t meant to be. For example, the canceled multiplayer Spider-Man game which was under development by Insomniac. A leaked trailer has managed to find its way online.

The Gaming Industry Needs A Plumber

In order to understand this story, fans need to turn the calendar back to December of 2023. Only a couple of months after the release of Insomniac’s hotly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a massive breach struck the game developer. 

There’s no telling how much information the hackers behind the breach managed to snare in their web although they did manage to leak a roadmap of the next few years. Due to the nature in which this trailer was released, it will not be included in this article. It is, however, available on YouTube and acts as a sort of concept trailer more than anything. 

Going off of the trailer, the canceled game would have seen players teaming up online in what can best be described as a live-service multiplayer game setup to function like the Spider-Verse franchise. 

Fans would be able to play with four of their friends as they swung around New York stopping crime along the way. The game would have seemingly utilized the same engine as the other Marvel’s Spiderman games.

Dead Talk News will not be linking the trailer in question.

Yuri Lowenthal as Peter Parker and Nadji Jeter as Miles Morales in Marvels "Spider-Man 2" Copyright belongs to Marvel and Insomniac

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Spidey-Senses With Latency Issues

This isn’t the first time such a massive leak has occurred. The video game industry as a whole seems to have this issue with leaks and data breaches. While this same problem is present in other industries, such issues are constantly breaking the news and can have a huge impact on the companies involved. 

Naughty Dog, for example, experienced similar leaks in the past with The Last of Us Part II having its ending spoiled online and creating a hate storm for the game before it even came out. 

More recently, Naughty Dog also canceled a multiplayer project set in The Last of Us universe. Reasons for the cancellation stem from the amount of resources necessary for maintaining such a game. It’s no secret that Sony has long held a strong preference for single-player games with a majority of first-party exclusives being single-player only. 

Perhaps Sony is trying to make things official by wiping support for multiplayer games in general. Regardless, it’s hard for fans not to mourn what could’ve been. Despite being meant for conceptual purposes, the trailer showed a game with plenty of potential. Rest in peace Spider-Man: The Great Web, despite never being officially announced this game still deserves to be remembered.

Insomniac’s next official project is Marvel’s Wolverine which has yet to see an official release date.

Tony Todd as Venom in Marvels "Spider-Man 2" Copyright belongs to Marvel and Insomniac

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