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Trailer for Upcoming Slasher ‘In A Violent Nature’ Puts You In the Killer’s Perspective

‘In A Violent Nature’ | Image Credit: Shudder Films

The Importance of Taking in Alternate Perspectives

“Viewing the world through a child’s eyes” is a beautiful sentiment, showcasing the importance of embracing alternate perspectives to bridge the empathy gap. However, viewing the world through a bloodthirsty zombie’s eyes is something to be avoided, or at least, not openly admitted. Moreover, director/writer Chris Nash forces the audience to do just that through his feature directorial debut: In A Violent Nature.

Shot Entirely From the Monster’s Lens

Backed by Shudder films and distributed by IFC and Shudder, the slasher flick stars the following actors: Ry Barrett, Andrea Pavlovic, and Cameron Love. 

According to BloodyDisgusting, in the trailer for the upcoming horror, Nash focuses on the mind frame of a vengeful zombie within the remote wilderness, by shooting the perspective entirely from the monster’s lens.

‘In A Violent Nature’ | Image Credit: Shudder Films

Cherished Keepsake

Earlier this year, Nash’s film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to rave reviews, and now Bloody Disgusting has revealed some pertinent details about the unique famished undead story. The horror slasher revolves around a locket. Yes, a locket. Sure, a locket is a sweet reminder of loved ones and symbolically rests close to the heart. However, it’s less sweet when that very same jewelry piece is the resting place for the decaying remains of Jonny, an avenging spirit driven by a dreadful crime committed decades ago. 

Now resurrected, the zombie seeks to reclaim his necklace from teens who stole his possession. Teens whose executive functioning hasn’t fully developed, so they probably couldn’t have foreseen the consequences of pissing off an occult entity.

Final Thoughts

This is a cautionary lesson in thinking twice before one feels envious over not inheriting grandma’s heirloom locket. Instead, be happy with the hideous green couch and let the other sister have it, so she will face the sinister supernatural consequences instead.

In a Violent Nature will debut in theaters on May 31, 2024.

‘In A Violent Nature’ | Image Credit: Shudder Films

In a Violent Nature Trailer 

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