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Timothée Chalamet Signs Multi-Year Contract With Warner Bros.

Timothee Chalamet (and Josh Brolin) in Dune: Part Two.Image: Warner Bros.

The New Golden Boy of Warner Bros.

From Wonka to Dune: Part Two, Timothée Chalamet has made Warner Bros. a lot of money in the past couple years. Naturally, they would want to lock down someone like that for future deals. 

The Face of Warner Bros. 

Warner Bros. has decided to double down on their golden boy, Timothée Chalamet. The actor’s star power and skills as a leading man have shown time and time again. In the past few years, he has gained the studio’s favor with films like Wonka and the previous Dune films. The studio has even signed Chalamet to a multi-year first-look film contract. For those who do not know what a first-look deal is, in basic terms, the contract gives Warner Bros. the right of first refusal to a collaborator’s project. Ultimately what this means is that Warner Bros. has first dibs on the worldwide star in his future projects.

Fans of Chalamet will most likely see the actor in many more Warner Bros. films. This could be as an actor or a producer in the project as the deal covers both. This news comes a little after Dune: Part Two has reportedly made $575.5 million at the worldwide box office. Wonka, a project that Chalamet finished before Dune, earned $632 million worldwide.Other big stars who have signed similar deals are Margot Robbie and Tom Cruise.

Wonka Screenshot/Warner Bros.

Details & Statements

Specific details about the contract are unknown at this time. However, the studio did release a statement regarding their decision to sign Chalamet to such a deal. A little filmmaking fact for fans is that Chalamet is the first actor in over four decades to have the top two domestic-grossing films released in an eight-month period. In a press release from Warner Bros. they stated, “Over the last few years, we have admired not only Timothée’s commitment to his craft, which is evident in the range and depth of his varied roles, but also his unwavering dedication to give 100% of his time and attention to every project he has made here at Warner bros. and elsewhere.”

Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group’s Mike De Luca and Pam Abdy continued in the announcement, “His collaboration on the campaigns for Dune and Wonka is something we all enjoyed immensely, and the results speak for themselves. We continue to build for the future of the theatrical film business at Warner Bros. Discovery and are thrilled Timothée has chosen our studio to be his creative home.”

Chalamet also commented, “Working with Mike De Luca, Pam Abdy and their teams on Wonka and Dune over these last few years has been a deeply rewarding experience. These are studio heads who believe in real movie making, and I’m so grateful for their support as an actor, producer and collaborator. This partnership feels like a natural next step. Let’s go!”

Fans can find Wonka on MAX, Dune: Part One seems to be jumping streaming platforms at the moment, and Dune: Part Two is in theaters.

Timothee Chalamet in Dune. Image: Warner Bros.

Dune: Part Two Official Warner Bros. Trailer

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