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New Titles Coming to Shudder

New Titles Coming to Shudder

With Winter Gone, Viewers Will Have A New Reason To Shudder

The saying goes “April showers bring May flowers,” but it would be more accurate to say “April scares bring May despair.” If that rhyme didn’t scare you, then maybe the new list of films joining Shudder’s catalog will.

Originality is the Most Common Fear

Shudder has a large list of horror films joining the platform in April, which shouldn’t be surprising, as the month marks the halfway point to Halloween. Starting with the original titles coming to the platform, The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs is coming in hot with its sixth season. It essentially follows the host, Joe Bob Briggs, as he shows one or two horror films with the occasional guest. Episodes are available biweekly on the platform. Next up is Baghead, which follows Iris (Freya Allen) after the death of her father (Peter Mullan). She then travels to Berlin after inheriting an old pub which houses a shape-shifting creature able to transform into deceased loved ones (April 5, 2024). 

Two more original films on their way over include Infested and Late Night with the Devil. Infested follows Kaleb, who is suffering from extreme loneliness after cutting off his best friend and getting into a dispute over inheritance with his sister. Hoping it will help him cope, he purchases an exotic spider, only for it to escape and make a nest out of his home. In this economy, there’s nothing scarier than a freeloading guest (April 26, 2024). The final original film, Late Night with the Devil, follows the host of a late night talk show, Jack Delroy (David Dastmalchian),who is desperate to increase views for his ailing show. With plans for a Halloween special, Jack has no clue of the horror that will be caught on camera (April 19, 2024).

New Titles Coming to Shudder
(L-R)Lisa Nyarko, Theo Christine, and Jérôme Niel | Image via My Box Films

Yesterday’s News

Original films aside, there will be 25 films joining the platform’s catalog. Here’s what horror fans can expect for April Fool’s day. 

Mute Witness

Working on the set of a slasher film, a mute make-up artist is trapped with an actual murderer.

The Gates

Sentenced to death in 19th century London, a serial killer places a terrifying curse on those around him.

Drag Me to Hell

Ever wished your loan officer would go to hell? This is the film for you, as a woman is placed under a curse and frantically searches for a way to save her soul.

Ghost Stories (2017)

Professor Philip Goodman goes on a paranormal journey after receiving cases of unexplained apparitions.

The Rental

The average Airbnb experience for a couple hoping to celebrate for the weekend.

At the Devil’s Door

The real estate industry is scary enough without worrying about coming across a house with tainted history and an ex-resident with a story to tell.

The Wind

Imagine being a woman in the western frontier of the 1800s, and you have yourself a recipe for sleepless nights.

Summoning Sylvia

A lifetime of commitment can be scary, but what about uninvited spirits at a gay bachelor’s party?


This is what you get when a murderer stalks around a summer camp on any day other than Friday the 13th.


A sorcerer aims to keep his wife alive with the unwilling help of his house guests.


The legendary horror anthology worked on by horror greats such as Stephen King and George A. Romero.

For a full list of the films coming to Shudder, visit WhenToStream

New Titles Coming to Shudder
Image via StudioCanal

Vermin/Vermines (2023) Official Unifrance Trailer

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