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‘Red Vs. Blue’ To End

‘Red Vs. Blue’ To End

The End of an Era

There’s nothing sadder than watching a favorite series come to end. This feeling is further compounded when said series has been a part of the lives of fans around the world for over 21 years. Anyone who’s spent an iota of time on the internet in the past couple of decades will likely be somewhat familiar with the iconic web series Red Vs. Blue. Sadly, this long-running series will be coming to an end this year.

Closing the Book

While this news may have come out of nowhere, this should be of no surprise, as the creators of the web series, Rooster Teeth, were shut down by Warner Bros. Discovery. Currently on its 19th (and final) season, the show is set to end things with a bang in a feature length film which will see the return of Bernie Burns, who left Rooster Teeth in 2020. In the writer’s seat, Burns will help Matt Hullum deliver the conclusion to the long-running series. Titled Red vs. Blue: Restoration, the film is set to release this year on May 7, 2024 and will be available on multiple streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and more.

‘Red Vs. Blue’ To End
Image via Warner Bros. Discovery

Bygone Era

There is no doubt that the closure of Rooster Teeth is hard news to accept in and of itself. Red Vs. Blue, however, is what put the production company on the map in the first place. In fact, it’s the first thing to pop into people’s minds whenever Machinima gets brought up. An incredibly new method of filmmaking, which incorporated video games, Red Vs. Blue (and by extension Rooster teeth) was on the forefront of this cinema. There was also an entertainment company dedicated to this style of cinema founded by Hugh Hancock in 2000. Ironically, Red Vs. Blue would go on to survive beyond even the company and genre itself, with Machinima ceasing operations in February 2019. The series will soon be laid to rest with the other iconic machinimas, such as Arby ‘N’ the Chief and Freeman’s Mind.

Stay tuned for more information on this beloved pop culture icon.

‘Red Vs. Blue’ To End
Image via Warner Bros. Discovery

Red vs. Blue: Restoration (2024) Official IGN Trailer

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