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Trailer for Prime Video’s Horror Anthology Series ‘Them: The Scare’ Drops

‘Them’ (2021) | Image Credit: IMDb, Prime Video

Embrace the Benefits of Fear

A “scare,” while typically unwelcome if it prompts certain, ahem, bodily reactions, can actually be healthy, as adrenaline induces the production of white blood cells, much like the positive effects of running. So, celebrate the benefits of fear-fueled excitement by sitting on the couch and checking out the disturbing trailer for Them: The Scare, the second season of Amazon Prime’s anthology series.

Who’s Behind it?

According to Amazon Prime, Sony Pictures Television and Amazon MGM Studios are co-producers, and Little Marvin is the series creator and showrunner. Moreover, Miri Yoon and Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment, and Steve Prinz will be helming the project alongside the other bigwigs.

Furthermore, Amazon reports that notable actors featured in the series include Deborah Ayorinde as the title character: “Detective Dawn Reeve,” Pam Grier as “Athena,” and Luke James as “Edmund Gaines.” In addition, other cast members include Wayne Knight, Iman Shumpert, Joshua J. Williams, Jeremy Bobb, Carlito Olivero, and Charles Brice.

‘Them’ (2021) | Image Credit: IMDb, Prime Video

History of ‘Them’

Taking place in Compton in 1952, Season One was originally called Them, but has now been renamed to Covenant. The plot features the Emory family, who deal with racist neighbors in their white neighborhood.

However, racism isn’t the only challenge, as they have to contend with the unfortunate addition of supernatural forces fracturing their mental well-being.

For the second installment, the location remains in LA, but the time period switches up to the 1990s. This time, the plot focuses on LAPD Homicide Detective Dawn Reeve, who must investigate the horrifying murder of a foster home mother. With the backdrop of a city in crisis, Dawn is on the prowl to find the murderer and stop the bloodshed.

The series will debut on Prime on April 25th. In the meantime, watch the first season of the popular anthology series, currently streaming on its home turf.

Ashley Thomas as Henry Emory ‘Them’ (2021) | Image Credit: IMDb, Prime Video

‘Them: The Scare’ Official Prime Video Trailer

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