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‘Freaky Friday 2’ Lands Nisha Ganatra As Director

Jamie Lee Curtis as Tess Coleman and Lindsay Lohan as Anna Coleman in Freaky Friday Image courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

It’s Easy To Be You. I’ll Just Suck The Fun Out Of Everything

Lindsay Lohan is making an acting comeback. After doing a few romantic comedies on Netflix, she will be joining her old co-star, Jamie Lee Curtis for a sequel to one of her best movies, Freaky Friday.

Freaky Friday and Body Swapping 

Freaky Friday was one of the best body-swapping films with a mother and daughter duo who just wanted the other to see from their point of view. The film is centered around the mother’s wedding while her angsty teenage daughter wants to play in a show with her band on the night of the rehearsal dinner and the night before the wedding.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan really sell their roles which makes a worker at the Chinese Restaurant curse them. The movie was an adaptation of Mary Rodgers’ 1972 novel of the same name and earned 160 million dollars at the worldwide box office despite only having a budget of 26 million dollars.

The storyline of the 2018 musical version that Disney Channel made is similar but also has its differences. Still fighting over the mother’s wedding and rehearsal dinner, Ellie Blake, played by Cozi Zuehlsdorff (Dolphin Tale), wants to participate in the scavenger hunt, The Hunt. The two sing about how they want the other to see from their point of view which causes the magical object in their hands to switch their bodies.

The actors in both films do a good job of becoming the other, whether from daughter to mom or mom to daughter. However, it’s always hard for a remake to do well when new characters are involved because many fans are loyal to the original.

Lindsay Lohan as Anna Coleman and Chad Michael Murray as Jake in Freaky Friday Image courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

A Comeback

Lindsay Lohan has been making an acting comeback. Most recently, she starred in the Netflix Christmas romantic-comedy, Falling for Christmas alongside Chord Overstreet (Glee) and Irish Wish alongside Ed Speleers (Eragon). 

Furthermore, she made a guest appearance in the reboot Mean Girls as the moderator in the Mathletees Tournament; now getting to ask the question to which she once answered, “The limit does not exist.”   

Lohan is most well known for her role in The Parent Trap where she played twins Hallie Parker and Annie James as well as her role of Cady in Mean Girls (2004). Hopefully, with her newest filming of Freaky Friday 2, fans can expect more from her.

“Freaky Friday 2”

Freaky Friday 2 is getting closer to its release as a director is added to the team. Nisha Ganatra (The High Note) will hopefully produce great things for the film. She has also previously directed Late Night and episodes from Fresh off the Boat, Dear White People, Girls, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mr. Robert, and Shameless.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Freaky Friday 2 is planning to begin filming this summer in Los Angeles. Furthermore, they said that this will hopefully reunite Jamie Lee Curtis and Lohan as this is a project they have been hoping for for a long time. In March, Lohan expressed her excitement to work with Curtis again and announced that the sequel was happening.

The details of the film are currently unknown. However, Curtis told The View that she wanted to be a grandma in the film who is “still happy with Mark Harmon.” It is unknown if she will get this wish though.

Curtis expressed her excitement for the sequel by posting a picture of her and Lohan on Instagram. She captioned it “DUH! FFDEUX! @disney @disneystudios.” Over 20 years after the original movie’s release, fans finally get the sequel they have been waiting for.

To prepare, fans can watch both Freaky Friday (2003) and Freaky Friday (2018) on Disney+ now.

(Left) Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis (Right) Jamie Lee Curtis as Tess Coleman and Lindsay Lohan as Anna Coleman in Freaky Friday

“Freaky Friday” Official Disney Channel Trailer

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