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Cuckoo Trailer Hits The Internet

Hunter Schaeffer as Gretchen in "Cuckoo" (2024) Image via Neon

No One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Which is scarier: slowly losing your mind or being the only sane person in the room? Keep this question in mind when watching the newly released trailer for Cuckoo starring Hunter Schaffer. 

No Nurse Ratched?

The Euphoria alum plays seventeen-year-old Gretchen who moves from her home in America to be with her father in the German Alps. While there, she meets her father’s new family as well as his coworkers and boss. 

The teaser also shows off some of the inhabitants of the resort where Gretchen will be staying which include a variety of familiar faces. They include Jan Bluthardt (Luz), Marton Csókás (Freelance), and Greta Fernández (Santo) to name a few. Within the first minute, the film’s protagonist gets chased by an old woman (Alzheimers has never been scarier) and treated like a mental patient.

Hunter Schaeffer as Gretchen in "Cuckoo" (2024) Image via Neon

Flying to a Cuckoo’s Nest Near You

Going strictly off of the teaser, the trailer definitely seems familiar in the best way possible. It manages to have a sense of “uncanny valley”, similar to Twin Peaks. It also captures a sense of dread and paranoia similar to It Follows

It genuinely feels like someone, or something, is out there in the distance watching everything unfold. The only thing more unique than this horror piece is the fact that the studio behind it, Neon, will be releasing two other horror films ahead of this one. 

This includes Immaculate starring another Euphoria alum Sydney Sweeney and Longlegs. Immaculate is currently in theaters and Longlegs, starring Nicholas Cage, is set to release July 12, 2024. Finally the topic of this article, Cuckoo is set to release *drum roll* a month later on August 9, 2024.

Official "Cuckoo" (2024) Poster Image copyright belongs to NEON

Cuckoo” Official Rotten Tomatoes Trailer

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