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‘Invincible’ Season Two (2024): A Review

The Show Returns in all its Bloody Glory

Invincible Season 2 continues the critically acclaimed 2021 adult animated series. The series is an adaptation of the comic by Walking Dead author Robert Kirkman, who also produced the show. The show follows Mark Grayson (Steve Yeun), also known as Invincible, after discovering that his father, Nolan/Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons), is not entirely who he says he is. Now, Mark must balance between being a normal college student and trying to save the world. The series was produced by Amazon Prime and released on November 3, 2023.

A Super Saga Sliced in Half 

As with the previous season of Invincible, this season is divided into individual adventures and an overarching plot. Given how well the previous season established its tone and characterization, much of its quality is passed down to season two. However, the problem with Invincible Season Two is that it tries to balance multiple overarching arcs simultaneously, attempting to strike a balance between serialized and episodic but ultimately failing to do so. For example, most of the Viltrumites (violent alien species) vanish from the main plot, and their involvement is not as prominent in the chief storyline of Season Two as Season One promised. 

This is a decided step down from Season One, where the “whodunnit” reveal was a constantly building threat until the grand finale. For another example, take the Sequids, the invading parasites foreshadowed in Season One. Upon arrival, however, they become another villain of the week, quickly defeated and dismissed quicker than anticipated. Though easily the biggest fumble of the season was it being split down the middle, with the three-month hiatus only announced right after episode 4. While this is understandable, given the lengthy production time, it killed the series’s momentum. As such, the second half arrived with little fanfare. 

Another example of potential within this season was the introduction of the multiverse through verse-jumper Angstrom Levy. While it receives little exploration apart from the first and last episodes, this is likely due to how oversaturated multiverse stories are nowadays, especially in superhero media. However, this leaves open the infinite potential of the trope for future seasons, sparking anticipation and curiosity among viewers.

The Cast Returns in its Glory  

The majority of the cast returns from the previous season. As with the previous season, the leading trio of Mark, Nolan, and Debbie brilliantly performed by Steve Yeun, J.K. Simmons, and Sandra Oh, respectively. Said trio is the emotional core of the series that balances the human and superhuman storylines of the show. Once again, Mark finds himself in a love triangle with fellow super Samantha/Atom Eve and the much more controversial Amber. However, the show’s writing manages to make this a better example of the trope for how both relationships highlight different aspects of Mark’s life.

With a new season, many side characters, such as Rex and the Immortal, are given far more exploration, which expands the depth of the world of Invincible. Furthermore, this season also further showcases how dangerous this world is and how few characters live up to the show’s title. One cameo that deserves mention is a familiar-looking arachnid hero from across the multiverse voiced by Josh Keaton himself.

Image Courtesy of ‘IGN Nordic’ | ‘Invincible’ from Amazon Prime and Robert Kirkman

However, a few characters were underutilized. One would be the “overarching” villain of the season, Angstrom Levy, voiced brilliantly by Sterling K. Brown, the verse-jumper mentioned earlier. Like the multiverse element, he was underutilized for appearing only at the beginning and end. Another fairly lackluster character would be Allen, introduced as a comic relief character who, therefore, has difficulty rising to be a serious hero. Lastly, Donald’s storyline ends with little payoff despite its buildup. Overall, major characters continue to uphold the show, while the further to the side they are, the weaker they are. 

A Brilliantly Animated Universe  

Once again, the show’s animation shines in all its glory. It perfectly captures the aesthetic of Marvel and DC’s animation at its height. As the scale of the series has been taken up a notch, so has the animation. The alien worlds visited, and the finely crafted regular locations could all make for epic laptop backgrounds. One shoutout has to be Omni-Man’s space flight at the beginning of episode four.

As this is a superhero show, all the fight scenes are just as epic as the first season. Once again, Invincible benefits from not holding back and depicts battles in all their bloody glory. Furthermore, there’s one scene where Mark meets a comic book author, and the latter gives a brilliant “guide” to animation’s various tips and shortcuts, adding a fun little insight into the animation process.  

As mentioned earlier, the show’s star-studded cast heavily contributes to its characters and story. Composer John Paesano also returns and gives a fittingly bombastic score that touches on various genres depending on the scene. Apart from composed songs, the show also extensively uses licensed music; each time, the song is impeccably chosen to enhance the scene and add subtext.

To Be Continued 

In short, many fans thought this season would be stronger, and in some ways, they were right. This season carries over much of what made the original season work but does not add much else. Given how long fans have waited for the show to return, it was worth it, at least. Fans of the comics are probably aware that these two seasons barely scratch the surface of the full length of Kirkman’s work. Hopefully, this season will help build up to even more significant events.

Image Courtesy of ‘Tech Radar’ | ‘Invincible’ from Amazon Prime and Robert Kirkman

Invincible Season 2 Part 2 (2024) Official Amazon Prime Trailer 

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