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A Second Season Of ‘Shōgun’ In The Works

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FX's hit mini-series will return for a surprising second season

After much speculation in the weeks following the finale of Shōgun, a second season has been greenlit by FX Studios. The green light appears to be tentative during these early stages of pre-production. 

Hiroyuki Sanada to Return 

Shōgun’s apparent approval for a second season is based on the series’ star Hiroyuki Sanada signing a deal that would see him reprising his role as Yoshii Toranaga. 

Along with his prominent role in the story, Sanada also serves the project as a producer. Although the terms of the signing have yet to be released, his dual relationship with the production demonstrates a vested interest in the series’s continuation. 

Despite this early phase in pre-production, fans of the show have already begun to stir with excitement. As recently as last week, creators Justin Marks and Rachel Kondo have openly discussed that a story to continue Shōgun has yet to be conceptualized, let alone written. 

The studio may also look to re-sign Cosmo Jarvis to continue his acclaimed performance as John Blackthorne. Takehiro Hira could also serve as a key return for his portrayal of the show’s lead antagonist, Ishido Kazunari.

Shōgun Success 

It didn’t take long for Shōgun to catch on with audiences. The two-episode premiere received over 9 million views across various streaming platforms. 

These numbers would set a new domestic record for FX’s biggest premiere on Hulu, edging out the Season 2 opening for The Bear

The show has also received its fair share of praise, garnering an IMDb score of 8.8/10. No single episode scored below 8.2, while the highest-rated episode, “Crimson Sky,” stands at 9.5. Shōgun is a remake of another miniseries of the same name from 1980, which also saw its acclaim and success. 

Both stories were based on the 1975 novel that shares the title. The popular story’s latest rendition will build on its success as it navigates new air.  

All ten episodes of Shōgun are available for streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.

Shōgun (2024) FX Official Trailer

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