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“God of War: Raganrök” Is Coming to PC

It’s rumored that ‘God of War: Raganrök’ is the next PlayStation console-exclusive game to get ported to PC.

The Bestselling Sequel to “God of War” Joins PlayStation’s PC Lineup

Norse mythology and hack-and-slash fans rejoice! Rumors are circulating in the gaming community that the next PlayStation title slated to get a PC port is God of War: Raganrök, with ample evidence to back up the claim. With a PC port, God of War: Raganrök will finally join Sony’s other critically acclaimed games on PC, such as The Last of Us and Uncharted, as well as its prequel, God of War (2018).

Potential Port Claims

According to Billbil-kun of Dealabs, a consistent and accurate leaker in the PlayStation community, God of War: Raganrök is the next PlayStation exclusive to be ported to PC, with an announcement sometime in May 2024. The game was released in November 2022, making it almost two years since it has been exclusively available on PlayStation. While not all port claims are true – The Last of Us Part II Remastered was rumored to receive a PC port in April 2024 and has yet to arrive – Dealabs is adamant that the God of War: Raganrök port will at least be announced sometime in May 2024 despite having no concrete date for an announcement or release.  

PlayStation Showcase 2024

Also occurring in May 2024 is the PlayStation Showcase 2024. The PlayStation Showcase is a livestream that runs about an hour long on the official PlayStation Youtube channel, chock full of announcement trailers and gameplay trailers for both new games and old games getting remastered. These games are all released on the newest PlayStation console or PC – sometimes both. Most games shown in the PlayStation Showcase are released within the year or early next year. The last PlayStation Showcase aired at 4:00 PM EST on May 24th, 2023. 

With the leaked port for God of War: Raganrök leaked to be announced in the same month as the next PlayStation Showcase, it is very likely that it will be announced there with a reveal or gameplay trailer to boot. 

Recap, Anyone? 

God of War ((2018), the prequel to God of War: Raganrök, follows Kratos, a demigod born of Zeus, who seeks to escape his bloodied past and forge a new life for himself and his son, Atreus. God of War (2018) takes the player on a journey throughout the Nine Realms to scatter Kratos’ wife, Faye’s, ashes at the top of the highest mountain while Kratos hides his divine nature from Atreus. At the end of the story, Kratos finds a mural depicting the game’s entire journey and everything to come after – namely, Raganrök, for which the sequel is named.

In God of War: Raganrök, Kratos must come to terms with not only the titular apocalypse but also with his now teenage son coming into adulthood. On top of all of this, multiple gods from both God of War (2018) and God of War: Raganrök have declared Kratos and Atreus their enemies and are bound and determined to give their next journey an early end. Upon discovering that Raganrök will only bring about destruction to Asgard and the gods, Kratos rallies allies and old enemies alike to enact the apocalypse. God of War: Raganrök offers a thrilling retelling of old Norse myths and an intricate storyline with thrilling twists and turns.

While nothing is confirmed for the God of War: Raganrök port, keep an eye out for the PlayStation Showcase 2024, airing sometime in May 2024 on the PlayStation official YouTube channel. 

God of War: Raganrök (2022) Official PlayStation Trailer

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