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‘Mortal Kombat’ Sequel Will Be Hitting Screens 2025

Test Your…Patience?

Mortal Kombat fans can finally rejoice, as the sequel to the 2021 action film has a release date. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait at least one more year, as the film is set to release on October 24, 2025.

More Fighters!

While there may still be a ways to go before the sequel, that doesn’t mean fans won’t have access to the juicy details surrounding films. Like its predecessor, the sequel will have a large roster of characters from the game. These include Johnny Cage (Karl Urban), Jade (Tati Gabrielle), and Kitana (Adeline Rudolph). Several other actors are confirmed for the film, but their roles are still unknown. They include Ana Thu Nguyen (Suka), Martyn Ford (Boyka: Undisputed), and many others. Of course, the cast from the previous film will also be returning—at least the ones that survived. This includes Joe Taslim (Sub-Zero), Hiroyuki Sanada (Scorpion), and Max Huang( Kung Lao).

Worse Than A Fatality

Four years will have passed by the time the sequel entry rolls around. Of course, some fans wonder how something like that could happen. For all intents and purposes, the previous film had been successful enough, and Warner Bros certainly had every incentive to make another one. So it’s hard not to be curious as to why the sequel has taken so long to release. Believe it or not, filming for the sequel recently finished in January of this year. The release window could’ve been closer if not for the SAG-AFTRA strike, which impacted the entire industry as a whole. Mortal Kombat 2 is one of many projects affected by the strikes that swept the nation during the 2023 summer.

Stay tuned for more updates or trailers.

Mortal Kombat (2021) Warner Bros. Pictures Official Trailer

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