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‘One More Shot’ (2024): A Review

'One More Shot' (2024): A Review

One Continuous Shot?!

Following an attack on a black site in Poland, Navy SEAL Jake Harris (Scott Adkins) is ordered to escort terrorist suspect Amin Mansur to Washington D.C for interrogation. In the process of doing so, the airport comes under siege by rogue operatives who are after Mansur. The film is directed by James Nunn and comes from writers Jamie Russell and James Nunn. The film released on Netflix in May 2024. 

Straightforward in the Best Way

Like most action films, the plot for the movie is not overly complicated. Stories like that are usually not why most people would watch a film like One More Shot. However, the plot in this film does allow the viewer to come along for the ride, especially because of the way the movie was shot. Scott Adkins plays the lead role as Navy SEAL Jack Harris, but the overall story doesn’t revolve around his character much. Instead, the film takes on a play-like feel where characters come in and out until they are done or killed off. 

This straightforward story is one of the strongest elements in the film. Action films like One More Shot are focused on the action sequences more than plot, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Despite the simple story, One More Shot still manages to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with all the action and surprise twists. If fans of action movies like a story that will take them along for the ride while also not giving them many breadcrumbs to follow, then One More Shot might be the film to watch. On top of the action, there are some huge actors in this film whom action film junkies may recognize.

Great Acting, Better Fights

Though viewers should not expect acting that will bring tears to their eyes from how raw and expressive it is, One More Shot has amazing acting for what it is. The action film has some huge juggernauts in the action space, like Scott Adkins, who was recently in the latest John Wick film, and Michael Jai White, who has been holding it down in the action movie genre for years now. If there is one thing that could be a hindrance to the film, it is the fact that some fight scenes seem to be a little bit of a letdown. For example, both Michael Jai White’s and Scott Adkins characters seem to be on a collision course for one another, yet the confrontation seems a bit lackluster when all is said and done. Throughout the film the two characters are constantly missing each other as they roam around the overrun airport. The fact that Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White’s action sequence is a little anticlimactic is odd because other fight scenes build up to that big showdown between the two.

The acting is done very well from both the main and side characters in One More Shot. There was never a time when it seemed like one of the actors was trying too hard and making the film feel a little cheesy. Something like that happens easily in action films, especially back in the ‘90s. Since the actors were all doing well in their respective roles, it made the story flow more naturally. The film felt more like watching a play with the way that it was shot.

One Continuous Shot

One of the biggest attractions about One More Shot is the camera techniques that are used in the movie. The technique employed in the film primarily involves continuous shots, where the director avoids cutting and instead keeps the camera rolling while gradually changing its position to capture different angles of the scene. This method creates a seamless flow of action, enhancing the sense of realism and immersion for the audience. Seeing this technique in an action film is not uncommon; however, what makes One More Shot different is the length at which they use the technique. The continuous shot is used for most of the film, except for a few spots here and there in the beginning of the movie. Even the fight scenes continue to use the technique. Once a scene is done, it is almost like the viewer is taken on the journey with Scott Adkins’ character.

The filming technique adds a sense of urgency, excitement, and perspective to the film. While some people may or may not care about something so small and technical, it’s what makes the film so cool to watch. This is what makes the film feel like a play. People come and go from the camera’s sight like walking on and off a stage. Anyone who wants to see an action film that takes everything that makes action movies fun but uses different camera techniques to keep it fresh should check out One More Shot. Fight scenes with a combination of great camera work makes an action sequence look even better when done correctly.

Great Film For Action Junkies 

Overall, anyone who likes Scott Adkins or even Michael Jai White should check out One More Shot.  The film can be found on Netflix but will likely be released on video on demand soon as well. It’s one of the movies that is great to watch and just enjoy while maybe doing something else at the same time.

One More Shot (2024) Official Sony Pictures Trailer

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