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Lili Reinhart To Star In Upcoming Thriller ‘American Sweatshop’

The film is said to focus on the 'dark side' of the internet and how the violence rewires our brains

An “American Sweatshop” conjures images of the fashion industry at its most exploitative. But this American Sweatshop isn’t about unsavory practices in fashion; it revolves around a woman (Lili Reinhart) who witnesses disturbing content in the dark recesses of the internet and becomes compelled to act.

What’s It About?

Deadline reports that the film features Daisy (Reinhart), a woman haunted by her issues in her private life and unable to find solace at work—where her job requires sifting through countless viscerally alarming posts and videos flagged on social media. Upon analyzing content that truly shatters her psyche, Daisy trades her ambivalence about her profession for seeking answers outside her office space.

“Rewiring Our Brains”

Reinhart, who plays the reluctant hero, has given her highest praise to the page-turning screenplay penned by Matthew Nemeth (City On A Hill). According to Deadline, the star said, “Many of us have a story to tell about an experience with the dark side of the internet—and it’s horrifying that the violence we are exposed to on a daily basis is rewiring our brains.” She added, “American Sweatshop tackles this subject in an inventive and engaging way that had me hooked from page one.”

In addition, an executive producer for American Sweatshop, Kirk D’Amico, recently commented that director Uta Briesewitz’s (Stranger Things) creative insight seamlessly unpacks a “timely and compelling story.”

Who’s Behind It?

The psychological thriller is currently being shopped around by Myriad Pictures in Cannes for international sales, with UTA Independent Film Group handling North American sales.

Furthermore, Barry Levinson (Rain Man) and Tom Fontana (Oz) are the award-winning producers attached to the project.

Dangers Lurking Within Social Media

It’s common to experience the internet in its less savory forms—from Instagram ads that cater to one’s hedonistic pleasures to intricate taxidermy artwork. Nevertheless, everyone’s mother was right when she chastised you for making a Facebook as a teen and warned you of the dangers lurking on social media. Even though she now spends more time on the platform than interfacing with your emotionally-starved father, she was, in fact, correct.

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