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‘IF’ Debuts At No. 1 At The Box Office Despite Low Numbers

The family-friendly comedy has a less than successful opening weekend

IF, a colorful comedy that should hopefully not be confused with the horror movie IT, made its debut on May 17. However, this film’s opening weekend saw less-than-stellar success at the box office with a disappointing $35 million domestic debut. Unlike other films of its genre like Elemental, it could prove to rake in only losses in the future as an upcoming animated comedy set to debut extremely soon may threaten IF’s commercial success.

Just An Imaginary Friend

IF, directed by John Krasinski, is a comedy with a visual style seemingly inspired by films such as the 1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the 1996 Space Jam, blending live-action actors and animated characters in a mostly live-action environment.

Debuting on a Friday and set to ride its new release high into the weekend, it was projected to make a minimum of $40 million on the following Saturday and Sunday. However, this expectation fell $5 million short of its $40 million projection. Albeit making up for it by bringing in an additional $20 million from global sales, for a grand total of $55 million. This is rather concerning for a movie that used twice that amount to produce and millions more to advertise.

A Not-As-Imaginary Net Loss

Fortunately, audience reviews are seemingly favorable, possibly following the buying pattern of more recent movies such as Elemental, which had a poor initial debut at the box office but continued selling tickets months after due to some clever, albeit somewhat desperate, marketing from Disney.

This may not come to pass, however, as the weekend after the debut of IF is set to debut another family film, Sony’s The Garfield Movie, potentially being strong competition to IF as another comedy with animated characters. It is possible that The Garfield Movie making its debut a week after IF’s will cause the film’s sales to plummet.

You can find more information on IF’s success or failure in the near future on Dead Talk News.

IF (2024) Paramount Pictures Official Trailer

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