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Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat Beats ‘Elden Ring’ after a 167-Hour Livestream

Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat Beats ‘Elden Ring’ after a 167-Hour Livestream

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The nearly impossible has been achieved – streamer Kai Cenat recently beat FromSoftware’s hit game Elden Ring. Elden Ring is well-renowned for its inherent difficulty, like many of other FromSoftware’s games. Cenat finished his full playthrough of it in just under 167 hours.  

How Did He Do It? 

On May 10th, 2024, Kai Cenat promised his Twitch chat that he would stream Elden Ring until he beat the game. This promise, along with his stream itself, took Twitch by storm when he was live. A week after his announcement and the stream’s start, May 17th, 2024, he sent out a Tweet with five simple words: “I FINALLY BEAT ELDEN RING.”

Cenat struggled with Elden Ring, as most gamers did. Elden Ring boasts several types of combat, with multiple ways to approach each fight. While Cenat took advantage of most of the game’s mechanics – dodging being a godsend – his tried and true method was simply perseverance. He would throw himself at a boss over and over again until he learned their attack patterns and how to counter them. This was most prevalent with Elden Ring’s most notorious boss: Malenia, Blade of Miquella. Time and time again Cenat fought her, until she was defeated on his 271st attempt. He promised to play the DLC, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree when it releases.

Cenat’s Typical Content

Elden Ring is a far departure from Cenat’s typical content. Most of his Twitch content falls under the “Just Chatting” category, where he sits and talks with either his chat or his friends. These streams are sometimes broken up with games, but more often than not it only lasts a couple hours and Cenat returns to “Just Chatting.”

When Cenat does play games, he either plays them in small intervals in his “Just Chatting” streams or devotes entire streams to them. Games with devotional streams include Red Dead Redemption 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. Like Elden Ring, these games are all open-world; they allow the player to explore the game in whatever way they wish and gives a wide variety in how people can play. There is one glaring difference between a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Elden Ring – the difficulty. 

The Difficulty of ‘Elden Ring’

Elden Ring is listed as a “Soulsborne” or “Soulslike” game. Based off FromSoftware’s Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Soulsborne games are a subgenre of the action-role playing genre where everything is set at a high-level difficulty and focuses on environmental storytelling. Soulsborne games have no difficulty settings, and neither does Elden Ring. This forces players to fully understand the game mechanics to progress instead of just dialing down the difficulty level to make things easier. This is the exact strategy Cenat, and most other Elden Ring and Soulsborne players, use in order to conquer FromSoftware’s greatest titles. While this can lead to many gamers rage-quitting the series in its entirety, it can also lead to a massive uptick in skill and an incredible sense of accomplishment once the game has been defeated, as seen with Kai Cenat.  

Watch Kai Cenat’s Elden Ring streams on his Twitch channel, https://www.twitch.tv/kaicenat. Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree releases on June 21st, 2024 for PC, PlayStation, and XBox.

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