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‘MultiVersus’ Trailer Reveals Jason Voorhees And Agent Smith As New Characters

'MultiVersus' Trailer Reveals Jason Voorhees And Agent Smith As New Characters

Shocking New Challengers Approaching

MultiVersus, a crossover platform fighting game that is the newest potential rival to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series, has been expanding its playable character roster even further in the coming days before its eventual release. With its newest trailer, Warner Bros., the company behind MultiVersus, unveils the newest seemingly last-minute surprise challengers set to be in the game, and these are some characters that fans of the franchise definitely did not expect to see.

Unexpected Arrivals

For a few brief seconds nearing the end of the official MultiVersus launch trailer posted by IGN on YouTube, Jason Vorhees, the murderous antagonist of the Friday the 13th franchise, as well as Agent Smith, an Agent of the System in the Matrix movies, made their debut, confirming them to be playable characters in the upcoming MultiVersus. When looking at the cast of colorful cartoon characters in the world of MultiVersus, featuring faces from the likes of Bugs Bunny from Looney Toons, Finn the Human from Adventure Time, and Velma from the Scooby-Doo series, it was a shock to viewers when the imposing figure of Jason Vorhees and the professional pose of Agent Smith make their rather out-of-place appearance in the MultiVersus launch trailer, being a completely unexpected but well-received addition to the game.

Get Ready For The Next Battle!

With the sudden addition of a rather popular movie character alongside the famous antagonist of a classic horror movie franchise, there could be much more set for the future of MultiVersus in the form of downloadable content. Fans waiting for the game’s release should expect possible new wacky additions to the playable character roster of MultiVersus over the course of the game’s lifespan, whether being free new content or through additional in-game purchases. With the new addition of Jason Vorhees and Agent Smith, both of whom hail from vastly different source material when compared to the rest of the characters’ source material, fans can also hold out hope for any new characters to be some of the most beloved characters from the likes of TV shows and films.

MultiVersus is set to be released on PlayStation 4 and 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, on May 28, 2024.

MultiVersus (2024) Official IGN Launch Trailer

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