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WWE Is Heading Back to Japan For the First Time Since 2019

The World's Largest Pro-Wrestling Company Takes Its Action Overseas.

WWE continues its hot streak, announcing three live shows broadcasting from Tokyo and Osaka.

Long Time, No WWE

WWE‘s upcoming tour throughout Japan marks the company’s first foray into the country since before the COVID-19 pandemic. Japanese audiences will finally get another chance to see a variety of pro wrestling superstars live and in person. 

Each show promises a star-studded roster of talent featuring names like Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, and CM Punk. Many wrestlers featured on WWE programming made their names in Japan wrestling for smaller companies like New Japan Pro Wrestling

The event promises to be an exciting homecoming for stars like AJ Styles and the recently signed Gorillas of Destiny, who have a deep connection to Japanese wrestling audiences.

Putting the World in World Wrestling Entertainment 

WWE‘s upcoming Japanese tour is another example of the company’s recent willingness to take its product overseas. 

Since Vince McMahon’s removal as WWE‘s former president and chairman, the company has committed to bringing its unique form of entertainment to areas of the world that haven’t had the opportunity to experience it live. 

Starting with 2022’s acclaimed Backlash live event from Puerto Rico, WWE has put on a series of high-stakes wrestling events in front of massive international crowds. 

These shows include high-profile events in Perth, Australia, Lyon, France, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It remains to be seen whether the WWE can deliver another critical and commercial success with its stay in Japan.

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Building Bridges 

The WWE‘s upcoming tenure in Japan comes at an interesting time for the company’s relationship with the country. Since McMahon’s departure, the WWE has attempted to gain working relationships with multiple prominent Japanese wrestling companies. 

This effort began in 2023 when WWE star Shinsuke Nakamura returned to his home country to make a special appearance for the Japanese company “Pro Wrestling Noah.” 

Following this initial step, many other WWE wrestlers have made the journey to showcase their skills in smaller Japanese promotions, leading some to speculate that WWE may have broader plans for the region in the near future.

WWE comes live to Tokyo’s famous Sumo Hall on July 26 and 27.

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