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‘Star Trek: Picard’ EP Terry Matalas Hired As Showrunner For Marvel’s Vision Series

‘Star Trek: Picard’ EP Terry Matalas Hired As Showrunner For Marvel’s Vision Series

The Paul Bettany-Led Series is Back On Track After Tumultuous Development

Amid shake-ups within Marvel Television, exciting new information has been released about the upcoming ‘Vision’ series.

The Quest Continues

Since his first appearance in 2014’s Avengers Age Of Ultron, the Vision has been a favorite of MCU fans. His popularity skyrocketed after Paul Bettany’s standout performance in 2020’s Wandavision series. Vison’s appearance in the series marked a major change for the character, as he was transformed into a more robotic, soulless version of his former self. 

Marvel fans have eagerly awaited the next step in Vision’s story, but the road to get there has not been simple. Since WandaVision‘s release over four years ago, the character has not made another appearance, despite a new series featuring the character being announced shortly after. Vision Quest received little attention or updates from Marvel following its initial announcement. This lack of support led many to speculate the show was being reworked or outright canceled. The announcement of Terry Matalas’ role within the series provided some desperately needed good news for the Vision’s next outing on the small screen.

From a Sci-fi Superstar

Terry Matalas has received critical acclaim for his work on Star Trek: Picard. As executive producer, he led the show to its highest-ever ratings with both critics and fans. Picards’ Season 3 scored an impressive ninety-eight percent on Rotten Tomatoes, easily eclipsing the ratings of the previous seasons. Fans praised Matalas’ vision for its engaging mystery and its clear reverence for the Star Trek material that came before it. 

This deep engagement with franchise lore and respect for established fan-favorite characters make Matalas an easy choice to helm a superhero series, giving him the chance to balance exciting new ideas and satisfying fanservice to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recent shake-ups in philosophy at Marvel Television give Matalas an opportunity to truly make the series his own.

A New ‘Vision’ for Marvel Television

The MCU has struggled to maintain its position as a cultural and box office juggernaut since 2019’s Avengers: Endgame. Critical and financial disappointments like The Eternals and Antman and The Wasp: Quantamania have soured general audience opinions on the franchise. 

Part of this disconnect can be attributed to the massive influx of Marvel content following Endgame. Not only were multiple theatrical films required to understand the overarching narrative, now various streaming series became required viewing. This trend within Marvel Television is set to soon come to an end. 

In a recent interview, Kevin Feige revealed that future Marvel series will be more stand-alone, with knowledge of other series not being required to understand the story. This shift in philosophy has already begun to take place with shows like Echo and the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again focusing on self-contained stories with little impact on the wider Marvel universe. This exciting new environment gives Matalas much more creative freedom than creatives responsible for previous MCU shows.

See Marvel’s next streaming series when Agatha All Along debuts on September 18th.

WandaVision (2021) Official Marvel Entertainment Trailer

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