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Nintendo Announces Upcoming Second U.S. Store

Nintendo Adds Player 2 To Their Retail Chain

Nintendo, the revolutionary gaming giant, will have a second Nintendo Store in the US, this time in San Francisco. According to IGN, Nintendo plans to open a second store in the United States. This next one will be built in San Francisco, another major commercial center in the area.

While no official release date was given, it is set to open sometime in 2025, which would make it the first one to open in America in 20 years. 

More information about the store will be released in the coming months. However, this is exciting news to many fans of the company’s franchises, especially given how much of a presence the fandom has on the West Coast. 

What is the Nintendo Store? 

The first Nintendo Store was opened in Manhattan’s iconic Rockefeller Center. The original store was two stories tall, 10,000 square feet in size, and was practically a Mecca to many Nintendo fans in the US. 

The store sells virtually everything a Nintendo fan could think of, from games to collectibles, swag, consoles, and other items. Additionally, the store holds events such as tournaments and game releases, such as the upcoming Thousand Year Door remake. 

Previously, Nintendo opened other Japanese stores in Kyoto, Shibuya, and Osaka, so there’s a good chance this latest one won’t be the last.

Nintendo’s Scale  

Currently, Nintendo is one of the most profitable companies on the planet. Pokemon alone is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time with merchandise, game sales, and a 1000+ episode anime. 

Additionally, Super Mario Bros. is possibly the most iconic video game ever. Other successes in the West include the Super Mario Bros. movie from Illumination and Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios. 

Since the days of the NES, the Japanese video game company pushed the boundaries of the medium and does so to this day. With all of this, the latest Nintendo Store will be yet another achievement for the gaming titan. 

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