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‘Seinfeld’ Star Reveals Which Cast Member Almost Quit

Michael Richards was no stranger to barging into scenes as Kramer on "Seinfeld," but his co-star reportedly barged off-set during Season 3 of the hit sitcom.

Michael Richards’ Kramer Famously Barged Into Places, His Co-Star Barged Off-Set

On the timeless sitcom Seinfeld, Michael Richards famously played Kramer, who frequently barged into places, namely, Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment. Apparently, though, his co-star did the opposite and barged off-set in real life. According to Deadline, the 74-year-old actor reports via his memoir Entrances and Exits that Jason Alexander, who hilariously portrayed George Costanza, nearly called it quits during Season 3 of Seinfeld.

‘The Pen’ Is Mightier Than The Sword

Inside Richards’ narrative, he explains that he and Alexander’s acting talents were not needed for an episode called “The Pen.” As Page Six originally reported, Richards’ memoir claims that he was okay with not being written into the episode; however, Alexander wasn’t happy. Moreover, Page Six highlights a quote from his autobiography and says that Alexander contemplated leaving the show after he learned the news.

Prior to Seinfeld, Richards says that Alexander had been brimming with confidence, as he had a Tony award to his name and had believed that the series was, in fact, a “buddy comedy” with Alexander taking the sidekick role alongside headliner Jerry Seinfeld. Therefore, Richards reflects on how he had empathy for Alexander being miffed, since up until that point, Alexander had been starring in each episode, and it was clearly an unpleasant surprise and a blow to his ego.

A Gross Exaggeration?

While celebrity memoirs can sometimes be gross exaggerations of how events actually happened, Deadline references Australia’s news.com.au website, which can corroborate Richards. The site provides evidence dating back to 2017 when Alexander relayed to Access Hollywood how he called out Seinfeld’s showrunner/co-creator, Larry David, during the Season 3 episode and said he was going to exit the award-winning series.

Richards’ memoir will be available on June 4th. Until then, check out Seinfeld, streaming on Netflix, and Larry David’s last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, now playing on HBO Max.

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