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The Return Of ‘White Collar’ In The Works

A Criminally Late Continuation

White Collar, a TV series following a criminal named Neal Caffrey who catches other criminals for the FBI in exchange for freedom, has finally received news of a reboot to the series ever since the original ended in 2014. The show’s creator, Jeff Eastin, shared his vision of the reboot on a panel during Variety’s TV Fest on Thursday, saying, “We’re gonna reboot. I’m writing the script.”

In Memory Of Mozzie

While a decent amount of the original cast for the 2009 – 2014 run of White Collar is set to make their return in the reboot, Tim DeKay, who played Peter Burke in the original airing and has confirmed his involvement in the new White Collar continuation, has said that the planned reboot will honor Willie Garson, the actor behind Mozzie in White Collar, who tragically passed away in 2021. There has been no word yet about whether Mozzie will return to the TV series played by a different actor or if Mozzie will even make their second debut. Currently, fans of White Collar will have to be content with only two-thirds of the original main characters being confirmed to return in the upcoming reboot.

Never Too Late

Since the original show was concluded with an open-ended finale, and live streaming services have spread White Collar to new viewers, the likelihood of a continuation has always been feasible, especially when evaluating the events of the final episode. In a finale commentary, Jeff Eastin said, “If you get to the finale, with Neal walking in Paris, that was always the setup.” There has been no official news on exactly when the rebooted White Collar will debut on the airwaves, but as a franchise where Disney owns the rights, the show can be expected to show on Hulu. 

More news on this upcoming reboot will be posted here on Dead Talk Media in the future.

White Collar (2009) Official USA Network Trailer

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