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‘Big Mood’ (2024): A Review

‘Big Mood’ is a series with heart and delivers an important message about mental health. Nicola Coughlin and Lydia West star in 'Big Mood.'

Nicola Coughlan Takes Over The Small Screen With A Dark-Comedy Drama

Tubi’s latest hit, Big Mood, a British dark comedy-drama series, takes center stage as it strategically delivers a play on comedy with a splash of mental health representation. The series follows two decade-long best friends, Maggie and Eddie, as they learn how to manage their friendship and survive the pressures of life, work, and mental health problems. Big Mood was directed by Rebecca Asher and created and written by Camilla Whitehill. Dancing Ledge Productions produced the series. The Tubi show premiered on March 28 in the United Kingdom on Channel 4 and Tubi in the United States on April 19. 

A Comedy-Drama With A Splash Of Mental Health 

The dark comedy-drama series, which spans six episodes for the first season, takes a spin on mental health. Maggie (Nicola Coughlan), one of the main characters of the series, is living with bipolar disorder, and she navigates her mental health disorder with the help of her best friend, Eddie (Lydia West). The plot of the series is dark, but it also adds humor to even out the series’ darkness. The audience can see inside the head of Maggie as she tries to navigate a serious mental health condition. Audience members are able to feel the darker vibes during scenes where Eddie tries to help Maggie through her struggles while also worrying about her friend, her occupation, and the bar that she inherited from her father. The cinematography sets the dark tone with blue, green, gray, and two children that can only be seen by the character to show that Maggie is struggling with being unmedicated for her bipolar disorder. 

The series is set in present-day London; a lot of scenes take place at the bar that Eddie owns and at Maggie’s apartment, but some take place on the streets of London. Throughout the series, the friends navigate the struggles of adulthood and mental health through a birthday party, a fake dinner party, and more, which adds to the value of the comedy that the show is trying to achieve, and it does the comedy well. Through quick remarks, humorous acts, and strange dinner parties, the character allows the comedy to shine as a light through the darkness. Each character brings a special dynamic to the series as well as to the aesthetic of the plot. Big Mood serves up comedy and dark drama through the interactions between the characters and Love Actually and One Direction references. 

Two Incredible Leading Women For An Amazing Story 

The casting for Big Mood is superb, and the show takes dark comedy to another level during the six-episode season. Nicola Coughlan, known for her roles as Claire Devlin in Derry Girls and Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton, plays the role of Maggie in the series. Maggie is a darker character than audiences have seen Coughlan play before, and she nailed the more serious role by portraying the character’s bipolar disorder while maintaining the humor that she is known for. Lydia West, known for her roles as Bethany Bisne-Lyons in Years and Years and as Jill Baxter in It’s a Sin, is hilarious in Big Mood.

She has energetic banter with Coughlan’s character Maggie as well as Klent (Eamon Farren), who is the bartender who works at her bar. Each actor brings out another level in their scene partner. West and Farren have many humorous scenes together, specifically in the plot of Episode 2, which has to do with rats at a party. Farrens’ character, Klent brings a lot of humor in the series, with his witty and quick remarks to Eddie. Without a doubt, Coughlan and West lead the series with humor and seriousness to show the struggles that young adult and adult audiences can relate to. Big Mood has a cast of at least 24 actors across the six-episode season. Nicola Coughlan and Lydia West lead the comedy-drama and are surrounded by an ensemble cast that includes Ukweli Roach, Joanna Page, Niamh Cusack, and  Eamon Farren, all of whom play important roles in the series. 

Dark Themes All Around The Cinematography And Writing

Every television series has a special moment that is made with cinematography, whether that be camera work, lighting, or the soundtrack, but Big Mood captures the essence of the darkness that a person can experience with a mental health condition through the cinematography. The cinematography is used to take a look inside Maggie’s mind through a green-blue-grey filter to show that she starts seeing delusions due to her mental health condition. This captures the darkness of having a mental health condition such as bipolar disorder. The series is filmed like a sitcom, lasting about 27 minutes per episode. Each shot has the intention of focusing on one of the two main characters, Maggie or Eddie, which gives more depth to the characters by focusing a shot on each of them. 

The writing of the series is phenomenal. The series feels like it is structured around Coughlan and West’s style of acting, specifically Coughlan’s. Coughlan is funny, and audiences will be able to belly laugh at her acting because she lands comedy perfectly, all while being able to give a dramatic performance. West delivers storylines that are important to help the plot move along. This allows her to shine in her comedic ways as well as help lead the dramatic performances. She gives storylines a lot of depth, which allows her character to shine. The writing of the two characters’ friendship is one to inspire. It is one of love and worry for your best friend. The writing has Eddie worried about Maggie while she simultaneously loves Maggie for who she is. The beauty of their friendship is that Maggie feels the same way about Eddie.

‘Big Mood’: A Story Of Friendship And Mental Health

Big Mood is the dark comedy-drama that people have been waiting years for. It is comedic but depressive and dramatic. It has the potential to be one of the best sitcom shows of 2024 so far. All six 27-minute episodes of Big Mood are available to stream for free on Tubi. Be ready to laugh and cry while watching Big Mood. 

Big Mood (2024) Official Tubi Trailer

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