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Ten Potential Action Star Choices for ‘Expendables 5’

Ten Potential Action Star Choices for ‘Expendables 5’

Who Should be Next to Join the Team of Action All-Stars?

The Expendables is one of the most iconic action franchises to come about in recent years. Before the modern multiverse craze, the series created its titular team by assembling a crew of classic action movie stars for a never-before-seen crossover. Expendables was the only place to see the actors behind Iconic blockbusters like Commando and Die Hard interact and mow down hordes of bad guys. Despite its lukewarm critical reception, the four films have captured the imaginations of classic action movie fans all over the world. Now that fans have seen so many of their childhood favorites unite on the big screen, it begs the question of which modern greats of the action genre deserve to join The Expendables

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman would be an obvious but exceptional choice to join The Expendables franchise. His infectious charisma and superstar status would make him a no-brainer to enter the campy world of action superstars. Jackman is most widely known for his iconic turn as Wolverine in the X-Men films. He was able to take an already iconic character and make it truly his own for over a decade. Fans’ perception of the popular mutant was forever changed, and many will never be able to imagine the character without Jackman’s performance. His superhero experience is not the only one that qualifies him for the team. His wider range of talents is clear to see from his hilarious and charismatic role in The Greatest Showman to his heartbreakingly realistic performance in Prisoners. Whether bringing the campy charisma required for an action-heavy adventure or bringing a little-seen heart to the series, Hugh Jackman is a perfect fit for The Expendables.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has truly proven he can do it all in big-budget action films. First, he shocked the world with his incredible performance of the god of thunder. Hemsworth breathed life into Thor and imbued the character with a sense of personality audiences had never seen before. After helping to create one of the most well-received Marvel stories in Ragnarok, Hemsworth began to hone his talents in other massive movies. Next, he helmed the Extraction franchises, creating a modern-day action juggernaut for Netflix. Hemsworth proved himself to be a natural at long take-action choreography, creating a film that serves as a perfect resume for a starring role in Expendables. Extraction 2 took the new series to an even greater peak, cementing its status as a force to be reckoned with in the history of action films. Finally, Hemsworth truly demonstrated his range by perfectly embodying a dastardly antagonist in George Millers’ recent Furiosa. The terrifying presence of Dementus that Hemsworth brings to the screen shows that he would be just as capable of opposing the team of icons as he would joining them.

Jennifer Lawrence

Despite having a few years somewhat distanced from the limelight, the massive star that Jennifer Lawrence brings to the screen can’t be forgotten. The Hunger Games is one of the biggest film franchises of all time and had a grip on young audiences that many have tried and failed to replicate. As much as some more old-fashioned fans of The Expendables may disagree, these are iconic modern action movies that deserve to be represented in the iconic crossover. Beyond her massive achievements as Katniss Everdeen, Lawrence has proven herself to be a perfect fit in a variety of other ways. Her acting chops are obvious, with multiple Oscar-nominated performances in revered films like Silver Lining’s Playbook, and American Hustle. She also has a clear knack for martial arts action, seen in the X-Men films. As Mystique, Lawrence often had the most spectacular and technically impressive action sequences in films filled with effects-heavy mutant mayhem.

Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk may seem like an unconventional choice to join The Expendables at first, but he has a track record that proves he would be an incredible addition. He is known mostly as a comedic powerhouse for his classic performances on the sketch comedy show Mr. Show With Bob and David. Odenkirk’s more serious acting skills were not showcased until his now iconic role as Saul Goodman on AMC’s Breaking Bad. As Saul Goodman, Odenkirk was able to combine his famous comedic sensibilities with a dark, serious story. His skills gave Goodman a unique and well-rounded personality that hid an internal world of conflict explored in his show, Better Call Saul. Odenkirk’s engaging blend of comedy and drama would be a perfect fit for the violent campiness The Expendables is famous for. Beyond his comedic chops, Odenkirk also has experience as a leading man in an exhilarating revenge action thriller. In 2021’s Nobody, Odenkirk offers his spin on the John Wick formula, delighting the audience with multiple bone-shattering fistfights and massive shootout spectacles.

Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is one of the biggest certified movie stars to rise to prominence in recent years. Making leaps and bounds following his so-so blockbuster debut as the human torch in 2014’s Fantastic Four, Jordan is now one of the most reliable young leading men in Hollywood. Starting in 2015, he has led the Creed franchise to become a box office powerhouse and a worthy successor to the Rocky films. From initially starring to now directing, Jordan has proven he has the physicality to portray and the vision to make a reality a modern-day revival of an ‘80s classic. Who could be better to helm a new Expendables film than someone already trusted to bring an iconic ‘80s franchise into the modern day. It’s also an incredibly exciting prospect to see Michael B. Jordan once again share the screen with his Creed mentor Sylvester Stallone. After Stallone’s shocking absence from Creed 3, there is no better opportunity to see the two reunite than in a brand new Expendables team.

Tom Cruise

No one in Hollywood today has the understanding or the experience with blockbuster action filmmaking that Tom Cruise does. For over two decades, Cruise has proven himself to be one of the undisputed greats of the summer box office and would be a perfect fit for the tribute to the style of film that The Expendables attempts to be. Starting with the classic Top Gun, Cruise has shown that he can shine in an ensemble cast with the type of large macho personalities that are common in an Expendables film. In its acclaimed sequel, Cruise proved he can reinvent an old-school movie to massive success with modern audiences. In his career-long performance as Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible series, Cruise created countless iconic moments and death-defying action sequences. His insistence on performing his stunts has led to an unprecedented level of spectacle where audiences have no idea what insane idea he’ll do next. 

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. led the Marvel Cinematic Universe to become the largest film franchise of all time. Over several films spanning over a decade, Downey was able to create an iconic performance that audiences attached to unlike any other. As Tony Stark, his trademark charisma fostered an emotional connection that gave a beating heart to some of the most effects-heavy, spectacle-driven films ever made. This ability makes Downey an obvious favorite to breathe life into a new Expendables team. His proficiency in entertaining witty banter would lead to many fan-pleasing moments as he interacted with other Iconic stars like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. While most famous for his gift of gab, he is no stranger to the kind of hard-hitting martial arts choreography required for a film like Expendables. Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 provides a great blueprint for just how Downey Jr. could thrive in a fast-paced, run-and-gun action movie.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has starred in the most popular and critically acclaimed new action franchise of the last decade. In four distinct fan-favorite films, John Wick established a new standard for effects and choreography in Hollywood action. The incredible long takes and unbelievable technical skill of Reeves led to a final package unlike anything ever seen in blockbuster films before. Bringing the John Wick school of action to The Expendables would be required for the series to be a genuine tribute to action films both new and old. In addition to his industry-shaking work as John Wick, Reeves starred in another revolutionary action franchise. In The Matrix, the Wachowskis truly showed American audiences what an action film can be. In introducing the stylings of gung-fu Hong Kong action, the series had a profound impact on all similar movies that came after. When creating a new Expendables team, Keanu Reeves is a shoo-in for his unprecedented impact on the action genre.

Anya Taylor-Joy

Despite its disappointing performance at the box office, George Miller’s Furiosa is a truly incredible action spectacle. At the center of this modern masterpiece is a remarkably complicated performance from Anya Taylor-Joy. In the film, she proves herself more than capable of carrying the physicality required for the action sequences in a film like Expendables without ever forgetting the emotional core of her character. Furiosa serves as just the latest example in a string of star-making performances from Joy. Her mysterious performance in the biggest film of the year, Dune 2, is evidence of her meteoric rise. In films like The Witch and The Menu, Joy shows a capacity for aggression and intimidation that would be perfect for a standout role on an Expendables team. Joy butting heads with some of the classic ‘80s stars like Willis and Stallone would be a recipe for some amazing character dynamics that would lend a breath of fresh air to the franchise.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill has starred in a variety of high-budget blockbusters and even wowed audiences as the Man of Steel; however, he still has not reached his full potential as a movie star. Cavill has often been the highlight of somewhat difficult situations in his career. He mastered the character of Superman in an ill-fated DC universe, connected audiences with The Witcher’s Geralt before being unceremoniously let go, and even was the highlight of the critically maligned spy thriller Argyle. Throughout all of these less-than-ideal situations, one thing has been abundantly clear. Henry Cavill makes an action project ten times more entertaining. His physicality and charisma are unrivaled and would instantly make him a force to be reckoned with on par with any of the other cinematic legends featured on an Expendables team. Cavill has proven time and time again he is precision-built for action filmmaking, even outshining the legendary Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Fallout. When creating a new Expendables team, there is no better man to lead it than Henry Cavill.

The Expendables has long been a celebration of the beloved action stars and series of yesteryear. From Dolph Lundgren to Jason Statham, a variety of icons have come and gone through the popular franchise. If The Expendables were to continue, one of the most exciting elements of any new entry would be just which stars are big enough to join the iconic team. In this list is a variety of big-name additions to the franchise that would revitalize the dynamic of the team and lead to exciting new interactions and stories. The Expendables may never return, but if they do, there are no better options to add to the team than the 10 stars listed above.

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