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‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ (2024): A Review

‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ (2024): A Review

Tell Me, Do You Still Care About Me?

The 2024 film Bad Boys: Ride or Die is the fourth film in the Bad Boys series. The first being Bad Boys (1995), the second being Bad Boys II (2003), and the third being Bad Boys For Life (2020). Bad Boys: Ride or Die was directed by both Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah, produced by Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. and Jerry Bruckheimer Films Inc., and distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment Company Inc. It’s an action-packed film filled with adventure and just a little bit of comedy, two detectives, two friends, and one amazing date with destiny.

We’re Coming For You

Bad Boys: Ride or Die was different from the ones before it. Each Bad Boys film has a different theme, and in this one, different parts and pieces of previous films were used to help uncover the true nature of the story. These “flashbacks” are there to help navigate the film. Together, they act to repair wounds from the past. In this way, what was old can become something new. Stories begin to bloom, and the essence of spirit and soul can begin to blossom. Imagine everything that happened in the past had a purpose–every event left a mark, and now, all of these things begin to make sense. Every shred of evidence comes into play from years long ago. The goal is to restore the honor of a once great man whose legacy is being questioned by those closest to him. Sacrifice and family become the most important aspects of this story. Neither of these elements are taken lightly but instead protected with the greatest honor and purity of heart. Things may sometimes become dark, but there is always a sense of closeness. No matter what happens, no matter what is said, they’ll always be good. 

The plot itself was a difficult road, but it was anything but boring. The film Bad Boys: Ride or Die showed a different side of the famous duo detectives, Mike and Marcus. They are both troublesome and loyal, always to each other. The film was exciting with all of the things one can imagine; it had heat, intensity, but also a certain familiarity to it. This familiarity comes from the famous anthem used in every Bad Boys film, which, coincidentally, is the theme song for the television series Cops. It goes something like this, “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when we come for you?” It was written by reggae band The Inner Circle. These “Bad Boys” use this anthem in every adventure since the beginning. It’s how they survive during times of chaos and also in times of sadness where great strength is needed.

Who Needs Enemies With Friends Like These?

The film begins with Will Smith, who plays Mike Lowrey. He is shown as a changed man, in the form of a new love. Christine (played by Melanie Liburd) becomes his partner in life, but later on, this moment along with other moments from his past begin to haunt him. As Mike shares a moment of celebration, his partner Marcus Burnett, played by Martin Lawrence, experiences an entirely different event that may later on become the most essential portion of the film.

The directors choose to present Captain Conrad Howard, played by Joe Pantoliano, in a different light. Captain Howard has a complicated past when it comes to shared memories among him and his two detectives Mike and Marcus. They have gone through many things together, and now an explanation for perhaps the most important shift in their lives is imperative to the plot of Bad Boys: Ride or Die. Mike and Marcus must understand events of the past in order to fully understand what’s happening within the moment. Of course, there will need to be an explanation of the thread that has now presented itself as a result of details of the past. There are mysteries that have been kept well hidden over the years. A conspiracy has formed, and people want to know who’s guilty. 

Nothing can be assumed and no one should be trusted. Once again, it’s the “Bad Boys” who must do the job, but they have a team. Mike and Marcus have gotten to know a few “teammates” over the years within the Miami PD. They include Rita (played by Paola Núñez), Kelly (played by Vanessa Hudgens), and Dorn (played by Alexander Ludwig). Along with friends come enemies. In the film, there are a couple of surprises for those who have seen the series since its beginning in 1995. A change in events may change a person’s perspective. Armando (played by Jacob Scipio) and Judy (played by Rhea Seehorn) have a choice. Is it fate or destiny that has chosen them for this switch within their psyche?

Who’s Reba?

There are so many things that can be said about Bad Boys: Ride or Die. The soundtrack may be familiar to some people, while in others they may find it comical or even unusual. As for camera work, there always seems to be a race against time. Things are fast-paced, so it’s imperative to keep up and pay attention to words said. There is so much to be seen in each scene, there are people to know and others to pay attention to. Sometimes a character can be seen, and other times their physical presence is not needed. Sometimes things are dark, other times colorful, and others may just simply be a haze because of the nature of the current setting.

Many components work in tandem to create the effect seen on the big screen. Angles and perspectives are important, and of course costumes, but most of all is timing. Whether a character is underwater or in the shrubbery, the audience needs to see what that character sees in order to get an accurate picture of what’s going on in that present moment. People spy all the time, so why not see what they’re looking at too? This film is an excellent showcase, creating an in-person environment leading to an in-person experience. One thing to know is how to work within the surroundings and use them as an advantage toward the overall goal in mind. There may be a lot of explosions or even the demise of some seemingly important people, but the true trick of the trade is an appearance that can fool anyone and everyone.

It’s Just Cool

Only those closest to the magical duo of Mike and Marcus can be depended on in moments of true turmoil. In past times, some have proven to be trustworthy, while others’ character is not without question. Sometimes, when tragedy strikes, people can lose their minds, along with their sanity. Things begin to be confusing and turn into smoke and vapor. It’s interesting to travel along with the “Bad Boys” in a world that may not be familiar but is entirely possible.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die (2024) Official Sony Pictures Entertainment Trailer

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