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Head of Pixar Rejects Idea of Live-Action Remakes

Head of Pixar Rejects Idea of Live-Action Remakes

Pixar Will Remain Animated

In an era oversaturated with soulless live-action remakes, Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer, Pete Docter, stepped in. Fans can be assured that Pixar’s catalog will be safe.

Pixar Stays Animated 

According to Time Magazine, Pete Docter gave his thoughts on the company’s idea of doing live-action remakes. Decisively, he said no to them. The question was asked in response to star Josh O’Connor’s love of the film Ratatouille. On the subject of live-action remakes, he gave a particularly scathing indictment: “It’s not very interesting to me personally.” Two more reasons he cited were the fact that many of their storytelling devices rely on animation’s storytelling tools, along with his desire for films to remain original. With recent reviews for Inside Out 2 being positive, this is good news for Pixar overall. 

Relieving News

While this news may come across as a nothingburger to most filmgoers, this is a massive relief to Pixar fans. In recent months, the once unstoppable company’s reputation was questioned. Weeks ago, Pixar laid off over 140 employees, a considerable portion of its staff. Additionally, mere days later, Docter himself said Pixar would move away from personal films like Turning Red and towards more “broadly appealing” films tied to their major franchises. To many, this was a slap in the face to what Pixar stood for and what made them successful. Because of this, many see Pixar rejecting live-action films as a sign they haven’t lost their mojo. 

Disney’s Live-Action Remakes  

From modern Disney, few practices are more despised than their frequent releases of live-action remakes of their classics. Over the past decade, Disney has remade many of their best animated films. While most of these films dominated at the box office, the same could not be said of their universally weak reception. Critics routinely point out how the films either recreate the original story while adding absolutely nothing (such as with The Lion King) or make exclusively detrimental changes (Mulan). Of course, all Disney ever took away from the response to these films was that they were profitable. Regardless of their recent fumbles, Pixar has proven itself as a studio that puts quality over profits.

Inside Out 2 (2024) Official Pixar Trailer

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