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Tim Meadows Joins Season 2 of ‘Peacemaker’

The Comedic Actor Joins James Gunn's Acclaimed Superhero Series

Despite consistent delays in production, James Gunn’s Peacemaker is heading steadily towards the release of season 2. It was recently announced that actor Tim Meadows would be joining the series.

A Streaming Superhero

James Gunn’s Peacemaker achieved a huge level of success for Max. The series came as an extension of Gunn’s efforts to revitalize the stagnating DC universe after a series of commercial and critical disappointments.   Despite a weak box office performance, Gunn’s film Suicide Squad captured the imagination of audiences and showed Warner Brothers executives that there was an appetite for more of his signature style. Peacemaker capitalized on this excitement and even broke the record for the most streamed premiere on Max with the Season 1 finale.

 After Peacemaker ended, it was quickly renewed alongside an announcement that Gunn was chosen to head a reboot of the entire DC cinematic universe. Gunn’s added responsibilities included helming a Superman project, among others, so the future of Peacemaker seemed unclear. Despite delays and a shift into an entirely new universe, it appears the superhero series is firmly on track with the addition of comedic powerhouse Tim Meadows.

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Meadows joins the Madness 

Tim Meadows joins the ensemble cast of James Gunn’s  Peacemaker.’ From an iconic titular performance from John Cena to smaller supporting roles, nearly every character in Peacemaker. Meadows has substantial previous experience in comedic roles. He has appeared on Saturday Night Live and alongside other ensemble casts in comedy hits like Grown Ups and Mean Girls. Meadows is revealed to be playing Langston Fleury, an agent of A.R.G.U.S and an original character for the series.

Stay tuned for more information on ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2 as it arrives.

‘Peacemaker’ Season One Official Max Trailer

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