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‘Blue Beetle’ Animated Series in the Works at DC

From the Big Screen to the Small Screen… to the Big Screen Again?

Warner Bros. Discovery is undertaking a Blue Beetle-themed animated TV series. 

Who’s Involved In The Series?

As Deadline reports, Miguel Puga, who helmed The Casagrandes, will serve as the showrunner and has already begun developing the project. Joining him is Christen Martinez, the writer behind The Fosters, who will be penning the highly-anticipated new series. 

Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, who wrote the script for Blue Beetle (2023), will act as an executive producer alongside the film’s talented director, Ángel Manuel Soto. Moreover, the casting team has already begun sourcing actors from their own universe — with the former star of the Blue Beetle film, Xolo Maridueña (Cobra Kai) continuing his portrayal of the lead, as well as a variety of other fan favorites diving back into the mix.

The Movie That Inspired It All

According to Deadline, the feature that started it all — Blue Beetle (2023) — was initially going to remain confined to the streaming service, Max, but Warner Bros. decided to capitalize on fan fervor and bring it to the masses via a wide theatrical release. The payoff was decent, with a global pull of $130.8 million. DC studios saw enough dollar signs to greenlight the TV series.

What’s The Show About?

Like all projects currently in development, there are more questions than answers. So far, beyond the rumored showrunner, producers, and acting talents, minor plot details have been teased, such as how the animated series will tackle an onslaught of adventures undertaken by Jamie Reyes (Maridueña). Also, there are murmurs of how Maridueña could be catapulted back into the live-action sphere if enough viewership demands it. 

While awaiting more exciting updates that should trickle down in the weeks to come — check out the movie that inspired it all, Blue Beetle, currently streaming on Max.

Blue Beetle (2023) Official DC Trailer

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