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‘KARMA: The Dark World’ Releases Two Opposing Trailers

‘KARMA’s’ New Trailers Show The Duality of the Game’s Universe

With the constant stream of video game news, especially after Summer Game Fest 2024, companies releasing a plethora of trailers. PlayStation took this to another level with one of its new IPs, KARMA: The Dark World. The studio recently released two trailers titled Hope and Hope(less). These trailers portray very different views of the universe within KARMA: The Dark World, a dystopian psychological horror game taking place in East Germany in 1984. 


The first trailer, titled “Hope,” shows the perfect life of the everyman under Leviathan, the omnipresent company that oversees all. The trailer begins with flashes of people’s normal lives, occasionally interrupted by messages like “Leviathan brings hope” and “The Company is your friend.” As the trailer continues the music changes key and grows sinister, the messages and visuals becoming much more ominous. Static cuts in to remove the audio or to show glimpses of something out of place, such as a person in a lab coat sitting at a desk, staring directly at the viewer. At the end of the trailer, the protagonist is heard speaking as he puts on some convoluted helmet made of all kinds of technology. A robotic voice tells him his synchronization is complete before fading to black. The trailer ends with the camera zooming out from a body with a TV for a head, replaying bits from the trailer. This trailer gives viewers a glimpse into the world Leviathan presumably wants to present. Besides the flashing images and static, the world Leviathan holds dominion over seems perfect and welcoming. 


Hope(less) portrays what viewers can assume is the true state of the world behind Leviathan’s utopian guise. The trailer begins with a jumpscare, with the player being attacked by a monster with a split head, bathed in red light.

Flashes of disturbing imagery follow, such as a collective of hands opening to reveal a face, a room full of film reels and floating bodies watched by an eye in the wall, and the player character being hooked up to the same device he put on in Hope. The flashing messages are different this time, including “Hope costs loyalty” and “Live to work.” People with TV heads infiltrate a person’s home, claiming to be the Thought Bureau, and criticize that person for lying to Leviathan. These TV heads are seen throughout the trailer, as well as someone crying and wailing to go home. Near the end, the player character removes the helmet he put on in Hope, panicking over “what he had done.” Once again the last shot of the trailer is that same TV head in the chair, its screen playing moments from this trailer. Hope(less) shows the viewer the true intentions Leviathan is hiding. It is not a benevolent overlord – it seeks to keep its people in line and to keep them working constantly so that they will not question what is happening outside of the offices. To some extent, few characters know the horrors that lie below Leviathan’s surface; hence, when the player character shakily states, “What have I done?”

What Does It Mean?

Not only do these trailers give viewers two diametrically opposed perceptions of KARMA: The Dark World’s universe, but they also help flesh out the world to its potential players. PlayStation could have released a singular trailer and called it good. They could have released Hope and viewers would only see the presented utopia, left to wonder why the game is listed as a psychological horror. Or, they could have just released Hope(less), immediately throwing viewers into the belly of the beast to witness how Leviathan pulls the strings of their dystopia. Instead, they released both, showcasing what the world claims to be and what it actually is. 

As of June 2024, KARMA: The Dark World has no release date but will be available on PS5 and PC when it releases. Stay tuned to the Dead Talk News for more information. 

Karma: The Dark World – Hope (2024) Official Playstation Trailer

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