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Parker Finn And Robert Pattinson Making ‘Possession’ Remake

Finn's talent and Pattinson's instinct ensure success for Possession. | Isabelle Adjani & Shaun Lawton in ‘Possession’ (1981) | Image courtesy of IMDb, Oliane Productions, Marianne Productions, Soma Film

Mega Studios Are Taking A Stab At Revamping This Iconic Horror

The 80s horror cult classic Possession will be rebooted by director Parker Finn of Smile notoriety, alongside producer Robert Pattinson, who’s acted in critically acclaimed favorites like The Lighthouse.

In The Making

According to Bloody Disgusting, the project has only just begun take-off so little is known; however, it’s been confirmed that with the help of his production company, Bad Feeling, Finn will write, direct, and produce the highly-anticipated remake. In addition, acting powerhouse Pattinson is expected to take on producing duties via his company Icki Eneo Arlo; though, it is unclear what, if any, acting he will bring to the horror feast. Besides Pattinson, another notable producer joining in the exciting fare is Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment, responsible for Zach Cregger’s masterpiece Barbarian (2022).

Furthermore, due to the onboarded talent, the reboot has already generated heaps of excitement from studios, including Netflix, Sony, Warner Bros., Paramount, and A24.

What’s Parker Finn Smiling About?

Finn worked his way up to the Hollywood big leagues — first, with short films, and later with his debut feature Smile that caught global attention — raking in $216 million against its modest $17 million budget. As The Hollywood Reporter previously reported last fall — upon riding a wave of success, Finn’s company Bad Feeling had set its sights on revamping the horror sphere, which this project surely promises. Inside Andrzej Żuławski’s iconic film that’s now sparked an outright bidding war is a disturbing tale of the collapse of a spy’s marriage and his wife’s unusual relationship that develops on the sidelines — with the take-home lesson being that it’s nearly impossible for a man to compete for the affections of a woman with another man, or another tentacled being, in his estranged wife’s case.

Delightfully Absurd Slash Get-Under-The-Skin Level Disturbing

The outlandish psychological thriller’s story sounds controversial because it was — banned upon its initial release in 1981. Time, however, was generous to the film, as it evolved into a horror gem amongst those with a taste for the delightfully absurd slash get-under-the-skin level disturbing. Upon revisiting the classic thriller, what makes Possession more visceral is the knowledge that it was based on the director’s marriage that crumbled into a sea of disappointment.

Finally, with Finn’s knack for playing with supernatural horror, coupled with Pattinson’s and Lee’s artistic sensibilities, together, this project should prove to be a worthwhile exploit.

Until the release of the remake, fans can watch the 1981 cult classic, Possession on Amazon Prime now.

Possession (1981) Official Shudder Trailer Courtesy of Oliane Productions, Marianne Productions, Soma Film Production

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