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Crunchyroll Disables Comment Sections Across All Platforms

The anime streaming service has decided to disable user-generated content, such as comments, on anime and news posts.

Fans Are Surprised As Comments, Reviews, And Other User-Generated Content Will No Longer Be Viewable

Crunchyroll announced that user-generated content, such as comments, will no longer be viewable. While this unexpected decision may upset users, Crunchyroll emphasizes that it was made to protect the community.

Safeguarding the Community from ‘Harmful Content’

Fans were surprised to see that Crunchyroll has taken a feature that has been around for a long time: the comment section.

The comment section has been a part of Crunchyroll for a long time, as it was a way for users to talk about anime or news posts. On Crunchyroll’s support page, a post titled “Protecting our community” has Crunchyroll explaining to the users the decision that was made:

“At Crunchyroll, we prioritize creating a safe and respectful community environment. To maintain this standard, we are hiding all existing user-generated content, including comments and reviews, across all our platforms and experiences.”

However, users are intrigued by Crunchyroll’s decision, as the company needed to provide detailed reasoning. On the r/Crunchyroll subreddit, a user shared a conversation with Crunchyroll Support that offered more insight into the situation.

“This decision was made to ensure a safer, more respectful, and higher-quality environment for all users,” Crunchyroll support representative said. “This change helps us reduce harmful content, prevent misinformation, and improve overall user experience.

Community Response to Crunchyroll’s Comment Section Removal

Anime YouTuber Geoff Thew proposed a theory on Twitter/X that the issue began after the release of a new BL anime, Twilight Out of Focus, on July 4, 2024, during the Anime Expo weekend.

Thew suggested that the negative comments and poor ratings stemmed from some users expressing homophobic views about the series.

Regarding the removal of the comment section, Thew stated, “Either way, this is too far. [Crunchyroll] should be moderating, not nuking it all. Killing off the community’s years of history isn’t a solution.”

A couple of users on the same Reddit thread also expressed similar sentiments about Crunchyroll’s “taking action. This includes the original thread owner, who said:

“I’ve always enjoyed reading the comments and leaving some of my own, Taoutes, the original poster of the thread, wrote. “I find it absolutely ridiculous that they won’t just properly moderate it instead of axing it entirely.”

While users like Thew and Taoutes are upset over this loss and believe that Crunchyroll should have handled the situation differently, Crunchyroll wants to assure the audience that the platform will still have the rating system and encourages fans to share comments and connect with others on social media.

“We encourage fans to share comments and connect with other fans on our social media channels, Crunchyroll wrote. “The user ratings system will, however, remain, allowing you to express your opinions through star ratings.”

Twilight Out of Focus (2024) Crunchyroll Official Trailer

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