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Max’s ‘Arkham Asylum’ Series No Longer Moving Forward

Matt Reeves' planned Arkham Asylum series set within James Gunn's new DCU has been axed.

A Disappointing Twist In The Saga That’s Been Evolving Since 2020

Arkham Asylum, synonymous with housing Batman’s most dangerous villains, is no longer accepting intakes. According to Variety, Max will no longer showcase Matt Reeves’ planned Arkham Asylum series on its platform. 

Instability Four Years In The Making

The cancellation of the Arkham Asylum series is undoubtedly a disappointing twist in the saga that has seen many changes over the past four years. Originally teased in early 2020, the series was expected to focus on the dark underbelly of Gotham City’s Police Department within Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe.

Moreover, Boardwalk Empire’s Terence Winter was attached to the project but departed shortly thereafter. Then, it changed hands again with Joe Barton on board as Showrunner. Most recently, it was reported that Antonio Campos, known for his work on The Staircase, was slated as Showrunner. But as of today, he’s out, and his story has been scrapped.

The Many Hands Involved In The DC Project

With Matt Reeves expected to serve as executive producer, there were lingering hopes of future projects delving into the dark corridors of Gotham’s asylum, a concept conceived under the previous DC regime before James Gunn and Peter Safran assumed leadership of DC Films.

Gunn, Co-CEO of DC Studios, underscored the Arkham Asylum series as its own entity within the new DC Universe (DCU), separate from the worlds of The Batman and its various spinoffs.

When One Mental Institution Closes Another One Hopefully Opens?

Despite the closure of Arkham Asylum, the DC franchise is far from over. With numerous Batman and DC-related projects currently in various stages of development, there’s plenty to look forward to. The return of Colin Farrell’s enigmatic Penguin character in the TV series The Penguin, scheduled for release this September, is just one of many exciting developments.

The highly anticipated sequel, The Batman: Part 2, set to debut on October 2, 2026, and The Brave and the Bold, directed by Andy Muschietti, are also on the horizon. These projects promise to offer a fresh and innovative interpretation of Batman within the expansive DCU landscape, and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store.

The Penguin (2024) Max Official Teaser Trailer

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