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Top 5 Mafia and Mobster Documentaries On Streaming

True crime documentaries about the mafia are all the rage, but which are the best?

Chill and Stream Some Mobster Docs

When scrolling through all the streaming services, there are so many true crime series and documentary films that have been made. As a subgenre of true crime is the most infamous mafia; whether they are from the U.S or Italy, people love to learn about the time when mafias ruled the world. 

So many mobster and mafia documentaries exist on streaming platforms. But which are the best mafia and mobster documentaries and series to stream?

5. Inside The American Mob (2013)

Inside The American Mob is a television documentary series that was released on National Geographic in 2013. The series lasted two seasons, with six episodes each. The documentary goes inside the most notorious American mafia that took to organized crime from the 1960s to the 1990s in New York City and goes inside the group from different perspectives. This documentary series goes into detail about the crimes and high-profile mobsters that rose to power during that time and the influence that the mafia had on American culture. The series is told through the perspectives of former mobsters, historians, and even law officials. Season 1 is about the fall of the mobs in New York City as one of the bosses decides to flee against the FBI, while the other mob bosses want to run their crime rings behind the scenes. The first season also consists of the New York-Philly mafia war, taking down the mob in 1983, and the rise and fall of John Gotti and his sons. While the second season goes more into depth about famous mob boss Al Capone, known for his nickname ‘Scarface’ and his being co-founder and boss of a Chicago mob called Chicago Outfit from 1925 to 1931, when he went to prison and later died. The season also tells the story of Lucky Luciano, famous for helping develop the well-known National Crime Syndicate mob. Inside the American Mob is available to watch on Hulu and Disney+. 

4. Deep Undercover (2016)

This series, called Deep Undercover, is a one-season television series that consists of 52 episodes. Directed by Jesse Rivkin and Michael Mallick, this series is not about the criminals in the mafia but the law enforcement agents who bring down the mafia and mobsters and lock them in prison. The docuseries is hosted by former FBI agent Joe Pistone, who went undercover as a mob boss named Donnie Brasco. He helps narrate the stories of undercover operations to take down mafias. Even though mafias and mob bosses are not the only criminals and crimes that are covered in the series due to one episode dealing with the exposure of the Cook County court system, Deep Undercover is one of the best mafia documentaries. An episode titled “Operation Cat Walk: Strip Club Sting” tells the story of John Tanza, an FBI agent who goes undercover in Cleveland to take down a mob by running one of the local strip clubs, which ends up sending him into the middle of a turf war. It also discusses one of the most infamous mob hitmen by the name of Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski, who committed five murders between 1980 and 1984 and ran a burglary ring. The Italian mafia is featured in the series as FBI agent Ron Mortti goes undercover to investigate a supply of heroin that had been seen entering the United States. He pretends to be a part of the mafia and devises a plan to take down the drug ring. Deep Undercover can be streamed on Tubi and the Roku Channel.

3. The Making Of The Mob (2015-2016)

A two-season show that released 16 episodes between 2015 and 2016, The Making Of The Mob is a documentary series that tells the story of the American mafia in the early part of the 20th century. Both seasons consist of eight episodes. Each season focuses on a notorious mafia, with Season 1 detailing the crimes of New York’s Five Families and Season 2 detailing Chicago’s Al Capone and his mob called Chicago Outfit. The second season talks about how the Chicago Outfit had expanded into the midwestern United States, while Season 1 highlights Lucky Luciano as he ran the Five Families in New York City, which takes place from the 1920s to the 1980s, in which Lansky died, who was the last of Luciano’s crew. Along with discussing Lucky Luciano, Season 1 takes a look into some other notorious mob bosses, such as Frank Costello, Bugsy Siegel, Vito Genovese, and Meyer Lansky. The first season talks about how these criminals decided to make their own version of the ‘American Dream’ but dedicated their lives to crime. Season 2 tells the story of how Al Capone moved from Brooklyn, New York to Chicago and created his own mafia gang. The show was originally ordered as a special event miniseries but then was renewed for a second season two weeks after it premiered. The series is narrated by Goodfella star Ray Liotta and has a combination of archived footage, re-enacted scenes, and interviews from historians, law enforcement, and authors. The Making Of The Mob is available to watch on AMC+. 

2. Gotti: Godfather And Son (2018)

A documentary series that aired in 2018 called Gotti: Godfather and Son is a four-hour documentary series that aired on the A&E Network for two nights in 2018. The four episodes tell the story of the Gambino family through a father-son duo, John Gotti Sr. and John Gotti Jr., who were raised in the mob and became the reigning king and heir of the family. John Gotti Jr. had risen to be the boss in the Gambino crime family after his father, who had the title of Dapper Don, was sentenced to life in prison without parole. The filmmaker of the docu-miniseries was able to make the story even more real by receiving access to the Gotti family, who used the series to tell the complete story of what it is like to grow up as a part of an organized crime mafia. The series features footage of the father-son duo during the son’s last visit to his father in federal prison as he was dying. During the visit, Gotti Jr. asks his father for his blessing to plead guilty to a multitude of charges and to be able to quit one of the last major mafia dynasties in the United States. Interviews with the family members consisted of John Gotti Jr., Peter Gotti, and Angel Gotti. The series consists of emotional moments provided by Gotti Jr. and interviews by former FBI agents that recall crimes that were committed by the Gambino crime family. The four-part documentary is available to watch on the A&E Network.

  1. Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia (2020)

Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia is a true crime documentary about the Five Families of mafias in New York City: Gambino, Colombo, Bonanno, Lucchese, and Genovese. The series was released on July 22, 2020 on Netflix and consists of three episodes. Fear City takes place during the 1985–1986 trial of the five mob bosses that were ruling the city of New York during the ‘70s and ‘80s. The documentary details the case that was known as “The Commission Case.” The series is told from a different perspective than one of the past members of the crime families, which is the perspective of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The documentary details how the FBI was able to take down the mob by using wiretapping. During the 1970s and 1980s, the five mafia families ruled the city of New York until the FBI was able to take them down and arrest them for their crimes. Federal agents decided to use a law that is known by few people and some fairly new surveillance tactics to try to catch the mob bosses during their time of crime. The group of FBI agents had to try to connect “The Commission,”  which is the group of mob bosses, to the murder of a high-profile gang member. An episode features clips of reporters, one of whom had a successful career but was best known for interviewing high-profile criminals. This series is perfect for fans of true crime documentaries who are looking for a miniseries to binge-watch. Fear City: New York vs. the Mafia is available to watch on Netflix.

Fear City: New York vs The Mafia (2020) Official Netflix Trailer

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