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Adam Z. Matthews

Adam Matthews is a writer at heart who wants to share his love of the peculiar and strange with others. Having completed an MFA in Creative Writing from the American College Dublin and an M.Phil in Screenwriting from Trinity College Dublin, he hopes to carve a path to making storytelling his career. If he were to be reincarnated, he would want to be a 1940s LA private investigator.

Avatar 3 First Look Revealed

Avatar 3 First Look Revealed

Following the recent delay of ‘Avatar 3: The Seed Bearer’, franchise producer John Landau shows a sneak preview of the film in a behind-the-scenes photo.


A Thousand And One (2023), A Review

A Thousand and One is a driven and phenomenal debut by Rockwell. Elements of Barry Jenkins, Spike Lee and John Cassavetes exude strongly here, but Jenkins feels like the closest kin to Rockwell.

Peter Pan and Wendy

Peter Pan & Wendy (2023): A Review

It’s time for a live-action remake of yet another Disney animated classic, and, to no surprise, the 2023 remake of Peter Pan – titled Peter Pan & Wendy – is mediocre. Different adaptation, same story.