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Ashly Leal

Dead Talk News Writer

Don't Look Up

Don’t Look Up (2022): A Review

Adam Mckay has proven himself to be successful at directing, writing, and producing in 2021’s satirical dark comedy, “Don’t Look Up”.

Shining Vale

Shining Vale (2022): A Review

No matter how far we run from the past, it always follows us. In the new 2022 series, Shining Vale, we can see how haunting the past can be through an eerie yet comedic lens.


Malignant (2021): A Review

Fear is natural. We are constantly in situations where terror is inevitable. There is so much darkness in the world around us that this feeling is often reoccurring.

The Manor

The Manor (2021): A Review

Many of us fear the consequences of growing old, but it is not until that time is our reality that we feel the discomfort that comes with age.


31 (2016): A Review

Rob Zombie’s “31” is a character-driven narrative that encompasses a sick twisted story of survival and friendship.

Arctic Void

Arctic Void (2022): A Review

In “Arctic Void”, a camera crew embark on a journey through the Arctic on a local tourist vessel to film their hit nature television show.