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Dakota Mayes

Senior editor of Dead Talk News and University of Central Oklahoma graduate. Dakota specializes in news, entertainment pieces, reviews, and listicles.


Year 2 to Start Filming

Action star Frank Grillo will be returning to the big screen somewhere down the road as he has signed on to lead an all new action horror film titled “Year 2”.

Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons The Terror (2007): A Review

In the year 1845, the British Naval ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror set out under the command of Captain Sir John Franklin to discover the Northwest Passage in the Arctic. The two ships never returned from the voyage.


Nosferatu Remake in the Works

“Nosferatu” is a film that never should have existed, yet it laid the groundwork for vampires as we know them today, as well as for the horror genre as a whole.


David Cronenberg Working on New Film!

David Cronenberg may very well be one of the most original and authentic directors to have ever touched the film medium and has announced he has a new film in the works.

Dead Meat Horror Awards

Dead Meat Horror Awards

Earlier this month, the podcast duo launched the first-ever Dead Meat Horror Awards, a new ceremony honoring the best in horror from 2021.

Tony Todd

Tony Todd in Upcoming “Werewolf Game”

Horror icon Tony Todd will be returning to the horror genre once again as he has signed on to star in “Werewolf Game”, a new film written and directed by Jackie Payne and Cara Brennan.